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Alexandra Milchan

Alexandra Milchan



Bullet to the Head (2013)

In New Orleans, James Bonomo (aka. Bobo) Sylvester Stallone, and his friend Louis Blanchard (Jon Seda) kill a corrupt policeman, Hank Greely (Holt McCallany), although Bonomo leaves a prostitute, Lola (Weronika Rosati), alive. Later, at a bar, Blanchard is murdered by Keegan (Jason Momoa), who al...

Mirrors (2008)

The film begins with a security guard running through a subway station. The guard eventually enters a room he cannot escape from and starts begging his reflection in a mirror for his life. Suddenly, his reflection cuts its throat with a mirror shard, killing the "real" security guard. Ben Carson ...

The Last Word (2008)

An odd-but-gifted poet, Evan Merck (Wes Bentley) makes his living writing suicide notes for the soon-to-be departed. So when he meets Charlotte (Winona Ryder), the free-spirited sister of his latest client, Evan has no choice but to lie about his relationship to her late, lamented brother. Curiou...

Street Kings (2008)

A disillusioned and borderline psychotic LAPD Vice detective, Detective Tom Ludlow (Keanu Reeves), rarely plays by the rules and is haunted by the death of his wife. All of the cops in Ludlow's unit, including the unit's commander, Captain Jack Wander (Forest Whitaker), bend and break the rules o...

Righteous Kill (2008)

Police psychologists review recordings of a man (Robert De Niro), who states his name as Detective David Fisk, the "Poetry Boy" killer. The Poetry Boy earned the moniker for his modus operandi of murdering criminals and leaving short poems with their bodies. Fisk reveals that he looks up to his p...