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Alon Abutbul

Alon Abutbul

Birthdate: May 28, 1965


Body of Lies (2008)

Roger Ferris (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a CIA case officer in Iraq, tracking a terrorist called Al-Saleem (Alon Abutbul). He meets Nizar, a member of the terrorist organization who is prepared to offer information in return for asylum in America. Despite his boss Ed Hoffman (Russell Crowe)'s objectio...

Shiva (2008)

For seven days a large family of Moroccan descent observes the Jewish mourning ritual of Shiva when a brother dies. Living together again reveals many tensions and conflicts between family members. Amidst the tensions, the Gulf War rages in the background.

Noodle (2007)

At thirty-seven, Miri is a twice-widowed, El Al flight attendant. Her well-regulated existence is suddenly turned upside down by an abandoned Chinese boy whose migrant-worker mother has been summarily deported from Israel. The film is a touching comic-drama in which two human beings -- as differe...

Nina's Tragedies (2004)

Fourteen-year-old Nadav is hopelessly in love with his aunt Nina (Ayelet Zurer), who has recently lost her husband (Hattab). He is caught between the two worlds of his divorced parents: his mother (Waxman) is a high-strung fashionista, while his father (Ben Ari) has recently become devoutly Ortho...

Rambo III (1988)

Colonel Sam Trautman returns to Thailand to once again enlist the help of Vietnam veteran John J. Rambo. After witnessing Rambo win a stick fighting match, Trautman visits Rambo at a Buddhist temple under construction and asks Rambo to join him on a resupply mission for mujahideen rebels in Afgha...