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Ann Dusenberry

Ann Dusenberry

Birthdate: September 13, 1953

As a young child Ann’s desire to work in the theatre was deeply nurtured at the local YWCA in Tucson, Arizona where she studied classical theatre with Mary MacMurtrie, performing in plays twice a year until she was 14. She came west to Los Angeles to complete her bachelor’s degree in theatre arts at Occidental College. With 8 years of summer repertory theatre at Occidental and her degree in hand Ann made her foray... ...detailed bio


Basic Training (1985)

The film follows Melinda, a female employee of the Pentagon's public information service, who loses her job when she refuses to give in to her male superiors' sexual advances. She then becomes outraged by the Pentagon's "un-patriotic" actions, and takes revenge on them by using her physical charm...

He's Not Your Son (1984)

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National Lampoon's Movie Madness (1983)

National Lampoon's Movie Madness is an American comedy film produced by National Lampoon as the second film from the magazine. The film was originally produced under the title National Lampoon Goes to the Movies; completed in 1981, the film was not released until 1983, and was reedited and retitl...

Cutter's Way (1981)

One rainy night, Richard Bone's (Bridges) car breaks down in an alleyway. He spots a large, mysterious car in the distance. A man dumps something into a garbage can. At first, Bone thinks nothing of it and proceeds to meet his friend, Alex Cutter (Heard). The next day, a young girl is found bruta...

Jaws 2 (1978)

Four years after the events of Jaws, two divers are photographing the wreck of the Orca, Quint's boat from the first film. They are suddenly attacked by a large great white shark, and during the attack one of the divers' camera gets a photo of the shark's profile. A few days later, the shark ent...