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Anne Baxter

Anne Baxter

Birthdate: May 7, 1923

Deathdate: December 12, 1985

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Anne Baxter (May 7, 1923 – December 12, 1985) was an American actress known for her performances in films such as The Magnificent Ambersons (1942), The Razor's Edge (1946), All About Eve (1950) and The Ten Commandments (1956).   Description above from the Wikipedia article Anne Baxter , licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia. ...detailed bio


The Masks of Death (1984)

The story takes place in 1913. Sherlock Holmes, in virtual retirement, is persuaded to take on a baffling case by Alec MacDonald of Scotland Yard. Three corpses have been found in London's East End - with no visible cause of death. But, judging by the expressions on their faces, they died in cond...

Fools' Parade (1971)

Murderer Mattie Appleyard, bank robber Lee Cottrill and young Johnny Jesus are released from the West Virginia State Penitentiary, located in the fictional town of Glory, in 1935. ("Glory" is author Grubb's pseudonym for his hometown, Moundsville, West Virginia,[citation needed] site of the real ...

Seven Vengeful Women (1967)

Seven women are the only survivors of an Apache attack on a wagon train. They must cross the desert on foot to escape the Indians who are hunting them.

The Busy Body (1967)

George Norton is a low-level bumbler who works for Chicago crime boss Charley Barker. A well-dressed mama's boy, George is in good standing with Barker, even gaining a promotion, until an incident that costs the mob a million dollars. George is indirectly responsible when Archie, a mob courier, i...

Stranger on the Run (1967)

Stranger on the Run is a dramatic Western television film that in some countries premiered in cinemas. The first broadcast was on NBC on October 31, 1967. The film stars Henry Fonda, Anne Baxter and Michael Parks, and was directed by Don Siegel. In the film, former inmate and alcoholic Ben Chambe...

The Family Jewels (1965)

Donna Peyton (Donna Butterworth) is a ten-year-old girl who inherits a $30,000,000 fortune when her millionaire industrialist father passes away. Per terms of his will, Donna must choose one of her six uncles (all played by Jerry Lewis) to become her new "father". Lewis also plays Willard Woodwar...

Walk on the Wild Side (1962)

The film's plot is quite different from the book. Set during the Great Depression, it starts with Dove and Kitty meeting on the road in Texas as they each make their way to New Orleans. They decide to travel together, hitchhiking and hopping freight trains. Dove is hoping to find his lost love Ha...

Cimarron (1960)

Sabra Cravat's (Maria Schell) wealthy Kansas City parents try to dissuade her from participating in a land run in the Oklahoma territory with her new husband Yancey (Glenn Ford), but she is adamant. During the journey, Sabra's knowledge of her husband's character deepens, and when he lends one of...

Summer of the Seventeenth Doll (1959)

Queensland sugarcane cutters Roo and Barney spend the off season in Sydney each year, seeing their girlfriends. For sixteen years Roo has spent the summer with barmaid Olive, bringing her a kewpie doll, while Barney romances Nancy. In the seventeenth year, Barney arrives to find that Nancy has ma...

Chase a Crooked Shadow (1958)

Chase a Crooked Shadow is a 1958 British suspense film in which a woman has trouble convincing anybody that a complete stranger has taken her dead brother's identity. It stars Richard Todd, Anne Baxter, and Herbert Lom as a policeman. Some of their exteriors were shot in the Costa Brava. The guit...

Three Violent People (1957)

Confederate soldier Capt. Colt Saunders comes home to Texas from the war. Victorious supporters of the Union have taken control of his town, including a corrupt commissioner named Harrison and his deputy Cable. When he sees a Yankee insult a Southern belle named Lorna Hunter, the gallant Colt com...

The Come On (1956)

A con woman tries to swindle her partner-in-crime husband with the help of one of her former marks. But is she to be trusted?

The Ten Commandments (1956)

The Egyptian Pharaoh (Ramesses I) has ordered the death of all firstborn Hebrew males, but a Hebrew woman ("Yoshebel") sets her infant son adrift on the Nile in order to save him. The infant is rescued from the Nile by an Egyptian princess ("Bithiah") who decides to adopt the boy even though her ...

The Spoilers (1955)

Struggling miners Flapjack and Banty go to the office of Alex McNamara, the new gold commissioner in Nome, Alaska, to complain about claim jumpers. He isn't there, so they drown their sorrows at Cherry Malotte's gambling house and saloon. Cherry looks ready to steal the men's claim herself in Ale...

Carnival Story (1954)

Grayson's traveling carnival comes to Munich with acts that include high-dive artist Frank Collini and silent strongman Groppo. A local girl named Willi picks the pocket of Joe, who works for the carny, but she ends up being offered a job. Joe makes romantic advances to Willi, who tries to resist...

I Confess (1953)

Father Michael Logan (Clift) is a devout Catholic priest in a church in Quebec City. To take care of the church and the rectory, Father Logan employs a caretaker, Otto Keller (O. E. Hasse), and a housekeeper, Otto's wife Alma (Dolly Haas), who are German immigrants with very little money, althou...

The Blue Gardenia (1953)

Anne Baxter stars as Norah Larkin, a single woman whose heart is broken after receiving a "Dear John" letter. After a night of drinking she passes out in the apartment of womanizer Harry Prebble (Raymond Burr), awaking to find herself accused of his murder. Named The Blue Gardenia Murderess by ne...

O. Henry's Full House (1952)

O. Henry's Full House is a 1952 American anthology film made by 20th Century Fox, consisting of five separate stories by O. Henry. The film was produced by André Hakim and directed by five separate directors from five separate screenplays. The music score was composed by Alfred Newman. The film i...

The Outcasts of Poker Flat (1952)

Four undesirables run out of a mining town and become marooned in a deserted mountain cabin during a raging snowstorm.

A Ticket to Tomahawk (1950)

In 1876 Dawson wants to prevent a train from getting to Tomahawk, Colorado on time, so to keep it from competing with his stage coach line. Kit Dodge Jr. (Anne Baxter), who must get the train to its goal, forces Johnny Behind-the-Deuces (Dan Dailey) aboard as the needed passenger. Madame Adelaide...