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August Schellenberg

August Schellenberg

Birthdate: July 25, 1936

?From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.   August Schellenberg (born July 25, 1936) is a Canadian actor. His ethnicity is Mohawk and Swiss-German. He was trained at the National Theatre School of Canada. His first film was Rip-Off in 1971. In 1981, he did voices for the animated film Heavy Metal. During the late 90's he had major roles in Black Robe (Chomina), Free Willy and its sequels (Randolph Johnson), Iron Wi... ...detailed bio


Missionary Man (2007)

A lone stranger named Ryder (Dolph Lundgren) comes into a small Texas town on his 1970s Harley-Davidson motorcycle. He's there for the funeral of his good friend J.J., a local Native American carpenter. Ryder spends his time in town reading the Bible while drinking straight tequila sans salt and ...

Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee (2007)

The plot, which is based on events covered by several chapters of Brown's book as well as other sources, revolves around four main characters: Charles Eastman né Ohiyesa (Adam Beach), a young, mixed-race Sioux doctor educated at Dartmouth and Boston University, who is held up as proof of the succ...

Eight Below (2006)

In 1993, Jerry Shepard (Walker) is a guide at an Antarctica research base under contract with the National Science Foundation. UCLA professor, Dr. Davis McClaren (Greenwood), arrives at the base and—along with Shepard's boss, Dr. Andy Harrison (Gerard Plunkett)—presses Shepard to take McClaren to...

The New World (2005)

In 1607, Pocahontas, (Q'orianka Kilcher) the daughter of Chief Powhatan, and others from her tribe witness the arrival of three ships sent by English royal charter to found a colony in the New World. Aboard one of the ships is Captain John Smith (Colin Farrell), below decks, in chains. While init...

Going the Distance (2004)

Nick (Jacot), whose life seemed to be going perfectly, realizes he may lose his girlfriend to a famous music producer (Priestley). He sets out on a roadtrip from the west coast to go to the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto, along with two buddies (Tyler and Dime), for the road trip of their lives.

Tremors 4: The Legend Begins (2004)

In 1889, the site that will become Perfection Valley is home to the town of Rejection Valley. The inhabitants are completely dependent on the income from a nearby silver mine, and when a hot spring causes Graboid eggs to hatch, the mine becomes too dangerous to work. The mine's owner is Hiram Gum...

Dreamkeeper (2003)

The film opens with Eagle Boy, a young man who is on a vision quest. It then cuts to the present, where a 17-year-old Lakota named Shane Chasing Horse is living on the Pine Ridge reservation. He is in trouble because he owes some money to a local gang -- money he used to buy a beautiful ring for ...

The Unsaid (2001)

"A seemingly-untroubled adolescent carries disturbing secrets that compel a psychiatrist to unearth the patient's gruesome past." The Psychiatrist Michael Hunter (Andy Garcia) and his wife are watching their daughter Shelly's school play. Their son Kyle, who is suffering from depression, stays a...

True Heart (1999)

True Heart is a 1999 American adventure film, starring Kirsten Dunst and Zachery Ty Bryan. It tells the story of a brother and sister who survive a plane crash that strands them in the Canadian Wilderness. They are rescued by a local Native American who claims there are 'bad people' in the forest...

Free Willy 3: The Rescue (1997)

Jesse is sixteen years old and works as an orca-researcher on a research ship called the Noah alongside his old friend Randolph. They suspect that Willy and his pod are being illegally hunted by whalers posing as commercial fishermen. Aboard just such a ship, the Botany Bay, Max Wesley, who is te...

The Siege at Ruby Ridge (1996)

The Siege at Ruby Ridge is a 1996 television film directed by Roger Young. The footage originally aired as a two-part CBS miniseries entitled Ruby Ridge: An American Tragedy on May 19 and May 21, 1996. It was based on the book Every Knee Shall Bow by reporter Jess Walter. The miniseries was edite...

Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home (1995)

It's been two years since Jesse saved and freed his orca friend, Willy and has since been adopted by his foster parents, Glen and Annie Greenwood. Jesse, now a hardy and responsible teenager, has an eye for girls, and he and his parents are preparing to go on a family camping trip to the Pacific ...

Iron Will (1994)

In 1917, Will Stoneman's (Mackenzie Astin) father is killed in a mushing accident leaving Will to care for his family. Needing money for college and to save the family farm in South Dakota, Will decides to travel to Winnipeg, Canada to take part in a dog-sled race from Winnipeg to Saint Paul, Min...

Free Willy (1993)

The film begins with a pod of orcas swimming near the coastline of the Pacific Northwest. The pod is tracked down by a large group of whalers, and one of them, Willy (Keiko the orca), is snared in their nets and taken away to a local amusement park. Sometime later in Astoria, OR, Jesse (Jason Ja...

Black Robe (1991)

Set in 1634, the film begins in the tiny French settlement that will one day become Quebec City. Jesuit missionaries are trying to encourage the local Algonquin Indians to embrace Christianity, with thus far only limited results. Samuel de Champlain, founder of the settlement, sends Father LaForg...

The Ruffian (1983)


Running Brave (1983)

Running Brave is a 1983 movie based on the story of Billy Mills, a North American Indian brought up on the reservation, destined against all odds to become the best distance runner in the world in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. In one of the great upsets in sports history, distance runner Billy Mills ...

Bear Island (1979)

A UN expedition of scientists from different countries come to barren arctic Bear Island, between Svalbard and northern Norway, to study climate change. However, several of them turn out to be more interested in the fact that (according to the film) there was a German U-boat base on the island du...