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Barbara Bingham

Barbara Bingham



La Casa 5 (1990)

A priest and his family move into a new house, without knowing that it was built over the place where twenty witches were burnt at the stake. Soon the terror begins, with the house terrorizing its inhabitants with the elements that lie within the construction, for example; a possessed radio and a...

Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989)

Set one year after the conclusion of the previous film, supernatural serial killer Jason Voorhees is resurrected when the anchor of a passing boat drags a live electrical cable over his corpse. He creeps aboard where high school students Jim Miller and Suzie Donaldson are having sex. Wearing a ho...

Death Mask (1984)

Haunted by the drowning death of his own daughter, a police investigator embarks on an obsessive 10-year hunt for the identity of a dead boy, to the detriment of his family life.