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Barbara Nichols

Barbara Nichols

Birthdate: December 10, 1928

Deathdate: October 5, 1976


The Photographer (1974)

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The Power (1968)

Professor Jim Tanner, a biochemist, discovers evidence of a person with psychic abilities among his co-workers in a research laboratory. His colleagues include geneticist Margery Lansing, physicist Carl Melkinen, biologist Talbot Scott and chairman N.E. Van Zandt, all working for Navy officer Art...

The Loved One (1965)

Young Englishman Dennis Barlow (Robert Morse) wins an airline ticket and visits his uncle Sir Francis Hinsley (John Gielgud) in Los Angeles. Hinsley has worked as a production staffer at a major Hollywood studio for over thirty years. His employer D.J. Jr. (Roddy McDowall) fires Hinsley, despite ...

The Human Duplicators (1965)

The plot involves a giant alien named Dr. Kolos (Richard Kiel) who is dispatched to Earth from a faraway galaxy on orders to create android doppelgängers by employing the scientific services of hypnotized cyberneticist Prof. Vaughn Dornheimer (George Macready). This mission of colonization is thw...

Dear Heart (1964)

Evie Jackson (Geraldine Page) is a middle-aged, single postmaster who is attending a postmasters' convention in New York City. Friendly, honest, and somewhat tactless, she has many friends but pines for love. Harry Mork (Glenn Ford) is a womanizing advertising executive who is staying in the same...

The Disorderly Orderly (1964)

Jerome Littlefield (Lewis) is an orderly at the Whitestone Sanatorium and Hospital who suffers from "neurotic identification empathy" -- a psychosomatic problem that causes him to suffer the symptoms of others and interferes with his ability to function effectively on the job. His unwitting prope...

Who Was That Lady? (1960)

College chemistry professor David Wilson is caught by his wife in his lab, kissing another woman. Ann Wilson immediately wants a divorce. Dave prevails upon his best friend and Army buddy, Michael Haney, a CBS Television writer, to help him out of this jam. Haney comes up with a scheme in which W...

Where the Boys Are (1960)

The main focus of Where the Boys Are is the "coming of age" of four girl students at a Midwestern university during spring vacation. As the film opens, Merritt Andrews, the smart and assertive leader of the quartet, expresses the opinion in class that premarital sex might be something young women...

The Naked and the Dead (1958)

Filled with flashbacks, the film relates the story of Lt Hearn (Cliff Robertson) who is an aide to General Cummings (Raymond Massey), who treats Hearn as a son and a friend. The General believes that commanding officers ought to inspire fear in their subordinates, in order to enforce discipline. ...

Sweet Smell of Success (1957)

Manhattan press agent Sidney Falco (Tony Curtis) has been unable to get his clients mentioned in J.J. Hunsecker's (Burt Lancaster) influential, nationally syndicated newspaper column of late because of Falco's failure to make good on a promise to break up the romance between Hunsecker's younger s...

Pal Joey (1957)

The setting is San Francisco; Joey Evans is a second-rate singer, a heel known for his womanizing ways (calling women "mice"), but charming and funny. When Joey meets Linda English, a naive chorus girl, he has stirrings of real feelings. However, that does not stop him from romancing a wealthy, ...

The Pajama Game (1957)

Sid (John Raitt) has just been hired as superintendent of the Sleeptite Pajama Factory in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He soon falls for Babe (Doris Day), a worker in the factory and member of the employee union's leadership. At the company picnic they become a couple, but Babe worries that their roles in...

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (1956)

Austin Spencer (Sidney Blackmer), a newspaper publisher, wants to prove a point about the inadequacy of circumstantial evidence. He talks his son-in-law to be, Tom Garrett (Dana Andrews) into participating in a hoax, in an attempt to expose the ineptitude of the city's hard-line district attorney...

The King and Four Queens (1956)

The story involves a middle-aged cowboy adventurer (Clark Gable) who learns that a stolen fortune remains buried on a ranch that serves as home to four gorgeous young widows and their battle-axe mother-in-law: the drifter turns on the charm.

The Wild Party (1956)

An ex-football brute (Anthony Quinn) and his beatnik gang take a rich girl (Carol Ohmart) and her boyfriend hostage (Arthur Franz) at a jazz joint.

Miracle in the Rain (1956)

Wartime romance about a lonely man and woman who meet one rainy afternoon in New York.