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Birthdate: October 25, 1923

Deathdate: December 18, 2005


Invitation to the Dance (1956)

The first segment, "Circus", set to original music composed for the film by Jacques Ibert, is a tragic love triangle set in a mythical land sometime in the past. Kelly plays a clown, who is in love with another circus performer, played by Claire Sombert. She, however, is in love with an aerialist...

Never Let Me Go (1953)

Moscow based newspaper reporter Philip Sutherland is in love with Marya, a ballerina. He and radio broadcaster Steve Quillan go to see her perform "Swan Lake" with the Bolshoi Ballet, and a pleased Philip learns that Marya wishes to marry him and accompany him home to San Francisco. They are marr...

The Man on the Eiffel Tower (1949)

In Paris, a down and out medical student Johann Radek (Franchot Tone) is paid by Bill Kirby (Robert Hutton) to murder his wealthy aunt. A knife grinder (Burgess Meredith) is suspected, but Radek keeps taunting the police until they realize that he is the killer. The police and Maigret (Charles La...

The Hunted (1948)

A cop investigating a jewel robbery finds that all trails lead to his girlfriend - but she claims she's being framed.

The Gangster (1947)

A troubled gangster, who has lost all faith in people, loses his weak grip on life.

Suspense (1946)

Frank Leonard (Albert Dekker), the proprietor of an ice-skating revue, promotes a strong-arming peanut-vendor named Joe Morgan (Barry Sullivan) at the show to a management position based on suggestions he makes to improve the act of the show's star, Roberta Elva (Belita), who also happens to be t...