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Benedict Bogeaus

Benedict Bogeaus



From the Earth to the Moon (1958)

Shortly after the end of the American Civil War, munitions producer Victor Barbicane (Joseph Cotten) announces that he has invented a new explosive, "Power X", which he claims is much more powerful than any previously devised. Metallurgist Stuyvesant Nicholl (George Sanders) scoffs at Barbicane's...

The River's Edge (1957)

Ben Cameron (Anthony Quinn) and wife Meg (Debra Paget) struggle to build their small ranch in New Mexico desert. Bad guy Nardo Denning (Ray Milland) arrives in New Mexico looking for his girlfriend and her husband. At gunpoint, Nardo forces the couple to guide him safely to Mexico with the stolen...

Slightly Scarlet (1956)

The ruthless Solly Caspar is fighting to retain control of Bay City's criminal activities when Frank Jansen (Kent Taylor), an honest man and mayoral hopeful, begins a strong anti-crime campaign. Caspar tasks his right-hand man Ben Grace to dig up some dirt on the candidate and ruin his chances of...

Cattle Queen of Montana (1954)

The Jones family, about to prove claim to prime Montana land, is raided by renegade Indians in league with villainous neighbor McCord, who gets most of the stolen cattle. Two survivors are helped by college-educated chief's son Colorados. Now Sierra Nevada Jones must fight for her land against l...

Silver Lode (1954)

The film, with a similar plot to High Noon, tells the story of Dan Ballard (John Payne) and Rose Evans (Lizabeth Scott) who are about to be married when Marshal Fred McCarty (Dan Duryea) and his deputies ride into town looking for Ballard. McCarty accuses Ballard of having murdered his brother an...

Count the Hours (1953)

The bodies of farmer Fred Morgan and his housekeeper are found. Suspicion falls on hired hand George Braden, who owns a handgun that pregnant wife Ellen disposes of in a panic. Braden confesses under the interrogation of district attorney Jim Gillespie, possibly to spare his wife any more grief. ...

My Outlaw Brother (1952)

Danny O'Moore, an Irish lad from New York, has not seen big brother Patrick for eight years. Patrick is said to now own a silver mine in Mexico and sends welcome money to his family in America. In the town of Border City, Texas, a bandit known as "El Tigre" blows up and robs a bank. El Tigre is a...

Johnny One-Eye (1950)

In Manhattan, former gangster turned legitimate businessman Martin Martin (Pat O'Brien) has become the target of a politically ambitious district attorney, who has offered immunity for Martin's former partner in crime Dane Cory in exchange for his testimony. After being informed about the deal an...

The Crooked Way (1949)

After sustaining a head wound in combat, decorated World War II veteran Eddie Rice (John Payne) is treated at a San Francisco military hospital for a permanent form of amnesia. This leaves him with no knowledge of his life, family and friends prior to his enlistment, a void that the army intellig...

The Girl from Manhattan (1948)

A New York model (Dorothy Lamour) foils a developer who covets her minister uncle's (George Montgomery) church site.

The Macomber Affair (1947)

Margo Macomber is unhappily married to Francis. As their plane lands in Nairobi, Africa, accompanied by Robert Wilson, a big-game hunter, Francis is dead from a gun shot in the back. What happened was this: Francis, a wealthy man, has alienated Margo with what she perceives as cowardice. She is a...

Christmas Eve (1947)

Christmas Eve is a 1947 United Artists comedy film directed by Edwin L. Marin. The movie is based on the story by Richard H. Landau and stars George Raft, George Brent and Randolph Scott. Rereleased as "Sinner's Holiday".

The Diary of a Chambermaid (1946)

The story picks up in the rural parts of France in 1885. The french chambermaid Celestine (Paulette Goddard) has grown tired of her position in life. When she arrives at her new position in Lanlaires, another French rural home, she makes a promise to herself, that in order to move up she will mar...

Captain Kidd (1945)

In 1699, William Kidd (Charles Laughton), a ruthless pirate who has recently captured the ship The Twelve Apostles and killed its crew, presents himself at the court of King William III (Henry Daniell) as an honest shipmaster seeking royal backing. With this backing, he recruits a crew from the i...

Dark Waters (1944)

A shaken survivor of a ship sunk by a submarine travels to her aunt and uncle's Louisiana plantation to recuperate, but her relatives have other ideas.