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Bob Ducsay

Bob Ducsay



Knives Out (2019)

Wealthy crime novelist Harlan Thrombey invites his extended family to his remote mansion on his 85th birthday in hopes of reuniting them all due to the family's dysfunctional history. The next morning, however, Harlan's housekeeper Fran finds him dead in his study. The police, along with exper...

Looper (2012)

In the year 2044, 25-year-old Joe(Joseph Gordon-Levitt) works for a Kansas City crime syndicate as a "looper." Led by a man sent from the future named Abe (Daniels), loopers kill and dispose of victims sent back in time and are paid with bars of silver strapped to the target, whose face is hidden...

Season of the Witch (2011)

In the 13th century, three women accused of witchcraft are hanged by a priest. While one claims to be a witch out of persuasion from the church, one doesn't deny it and curses the priest. He kills them by hanging and implores the guards to pull them back up for a ritual that will make the so-call...

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009)

In the near future, weapons master James McCullen (Christopher Eccleston) has created a nanotech-based weapon capable of destroying a city. His company M.A.R.S. (Military Armaments Research Syndicate) sells four warheads to NATO, and NATO troops led by American soldiers Duke (Channing Tatum) and ...

The Mummy - Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008)

In ancient China, Qin Shi Huang, a brutal and tyrannical warlord, unites the country's kingdoms into an empire and becomes The Dragon Emperor. He orders the construction of the Great Wall of China to bury and curse his dead enemies. The Emperor's mystics teach him supernatural mastery over the Fi...

The Sci-Fi Boys (2006)


Van Helsing (2004)

In 1887, Transylvanian Doctor Victor Frankenstein (Samuel West) brings to life his Monster (Shuler Hensley) with the aid of his assistant Igor (Kevin J. O'Connor), and Count Dracula (Richard Roxburgh). Dracula kills Dr. Frankenstein after revealing that he helped him only so he could use Frankens...

Impostor (2002)

The movie takes place in the year 2079. 45 years earlier, Earth was attacked by a hostile and implacable alien civilization from Alpha Centauri. Force shield domes are put in place to protect cities, and a totalitarian global military government is established to effect the war and the survival o...

The Mummy Returns (2001)

In 3067 BC, the Scorpion King leads his army on a campaign to conquer the world. Seven years later, the Scorpion King and his army are defeated and exiled to the desert of Ahm Shere. His men die of heat exhaustion, leaving only the Scorpion King. Vowing to give Anubis his soul for the power to de...

The Mummy (1999)

In Egypt, 1290 BC, high priest Imhotep engaged in an affair with Anck-su-Namun, the mistress of Pharaoh Seti I. When the Pharaoh discovered their tryst, Imhotep and Anck-su-Namun murdered the monarch. As Seti's guards arrive, Imhotep fled while Anck-su-Namun killed herself, intending for Imhotep ...

Deep Rising (1998)

The film opens with an explanation about deep water trenches with undiscovered sea life. A boat is being piloted through a storm on the South China Sea by John Finnegan (Treat Williams). With him are his crewmen Joey "Tooch" Pantucci (Kevin J. O'Connor), and Joey's girlfriend Leila (Una Damon). F...

Vegas Vacation (1997)

At work, Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) has invented a long life food preservative, earning him a large bonus check. Clark announces to his family that he is taking them on vacation. Enthusiasm wanes, however, when Clark says they are headed to Las Vegas, Nevada. His wife, Ellen (Beverly D'Angelo),...

Star Kid (1997)

Shy seventh grader Spencer Griffith's (Joseph Mazzello) life changes when a meteorite crashes into a nearby junkyard. Investigating the site, he finds a "Cybersuit", an exoskeletal-suit with AI (Artifical Intelligence) from another galaxy. He decides to try it on and meld's with the suit's AI, Cy...

Tremors 2: Aftershocks (1996)

Some time has passed since the Graboid infestation of Perfection, Val has moved away and married Rhonda, living happily on their wealth of the species discovery while Earl's money had been used on a failing Ostrich farm. He is approached by a man named Señor Ortega who informs him of Graboids kil...

Love and a .45 (1994)

A young couple in love – Watty Watts (Gil Bellows) and Starlene (Renée Zellweger), – are planning a successful convenience store robbery. The next day they are paid a visit by two collectors for a local mobster who Watty has borrowed money from to buy an engagement ring for Starlene. They are cal...

The Jungle Book (1994)

Mowgli is the six year old son of Nathoo, an Indian tour guide. Nathoo is guiding a group of soldiers in the jungle. Among them is Colonel Geoffrey Brydon, his five year old daughter Katherine "Kitty" Brydon and Dr. Julius Plumford. Mowgli and Kitty are extremely close friends and often give sign...

The Adventures of Huck Finn (1993)

Huckleberry Finn (Elijah Wood), the half-literate son of a drunk (Ron Perlman), runs away from home and follows the Mississippi River with an escaped slave named Jim (Courtney B. Vance). Along the way, the duo encounter adventures with colorful characters like The King (Jason Robards) and the Duk...

Killing Streets (1991)

A young Marine is kidnapped by terrorists in Lebanon. His twin brother, frustrated at his inability to get any kind of information from the government about his brother's plight, travels to Lebanon with a plan for his own rescue operation.

Catch Me If You Can (1989)

Conflicts that arise when a high school that's about to be closed down raises money by using high school funds to bet on an illegal automotive race.