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Boris Karloff

Boris Karloff

Birthdate: November 23, 1887

Deathdate: February 2, 1969

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Boris Karloff (23 November 1887 – 2 February 1969), whose real name was William Henry Pratt, was an English-born actor who emigrated to Canada in 1909. Karloff is best remembered for his roles in horror films and his portrayal of Frankenstein's monster in Frankenstein (1931), Bride of Frankenstein (1935), and Son of Frankenstein (1939). His popularity following Frankenstein ... ...detailed bio


The Invisible Menace (1938)

The Invisible Menace is a 1938 mystery film directed by John Farrow and starring Boris Karloff.

West of Shanghai (1937)

On a train bound for lawless northern China, businessman Gordon Creed (Ricardo Cortez) encounters acquaintance Myron Galt and his attractive daughter Lola (Sheila Bromley). Galt is on his way to foreclose on a very promising oilfield built up by Jim Hallet (Gordon Oliver). Creed, on the other han...

Night Key (1937)

The inventor of a burglar alarm attempts to get back at the man who stole the profits to his invention before he goes blind. The device is then subverted by gangsters who apply pressure to the inventor and use his device to facilitate burglaries.

Juggernaut (1936)

Victor Sartorius (Karloff) is an ailing doctor working in Morocco. He teams up with Lady Yvonne Clifford (Mona Goya) in a plot to poison her husband, Sir Charles Clifford (Morton Selten), so he can collect the 20,000 pounds necessary to save his experiments and his funding. Roger Clifford (Arthur...

The Man Who Changed His Mind (1936)

Dr. Laurience (Karloff), a once-respectable scientist, begins to research the origins of the mind and soul in an isolated manor house, aided only by the promising surgeon Clare Wyatt (Lee) and a wheelchair-using confederate named Clayton (Donald Calthrop). The scientific community rejects his the...

Charlie Chan at the Opera (1936)

Charlie (Oland) gets to watch a performance that's to die for. For seven years, opera star Gravelle (Karloff) has been locked in an insane asylum, his identity a mystery - even to himself. But when his memory unexpectedly returns, he begins to recall that his wife and her lover tried to murder hi...

The Walking Dead (1936)

John Ellman (Boris Karloff) has been framed for murder by a gang of racketeers. He is unfairly tried and despite the fact that his innocence has been proven, he is sent to the electric chair and executed. Dr. Evan Beaumont (Edmund Gwenn) retrieves his dead body and revives it, as part of his expe...

The Invisible Ray (1936)

A visionary doctor, Dr. Janos Rukh (Boris Karloff) invents a telescope that can look far out into space — into the Andromeda Galaxy — and pick up rays of light that will show the Earth's past. Looking at the past on a television-like screen, a group of assembled doctors as well as Dr. Rukh see a ...

The Raven (1935)

After pretty Jean Thatcher (Ware) has been injured in a car accident, her father, Judge Thatcher (Hinds) and beau Jerry (Matthews) implore retired surgeon Dr. Richard Vollin (Lugosi) to perform a delicate operation to restore her to health. Vollin agrees and is successful; he befriends the spirit...

The Black Room (1935)

In a Tyrolean castle in the late eigheenth century, twin sons, Gregor and Anton, are born to the de Berghmann baronial family. The baron is concerned: there is an old prophecy in the family states that the younger brother shall kill the elder in the Black Room of the castle. Some years later in ...

Bride of Frankenstein (1935)

On a stormy night, Percy Bysshe Shelley (Douglas Walton) and Lord Byron (Gavin Gordon) praise Mary Shelley (Elsa Lanchester) for her story of Frankenstein and his Monster. Reminding them that her intention was to impart a moral lesson, Mary says she has more of the story to tell. The scene shifts...

The Lost Patrol (1934)

During World War I, the commanding officer of a small British patrol in the Mesopotamian desert is shot and killed by an unseen Arab sniper, leaving the Sergeant (Victor McLaglen) at a loss, since he had not been told what their mission is. He decides to try to rejoin the brigade, though he does ...

The Black Cat (1934)

Newlyweds Peter and Joan Alison, on their honeymoon in Hungary, learn that due to a mixup, they must share a train compartment with Dr. Vitus Werdegast (Béla Lugosi), a psychiatrist. Eighteen years before, Werdegast went to war, never seeing his wife again. He has spent the last 15 years in an in...

Gift of Gab (1934)

Gift of Gab is a 1934 black-and-white film released by Universal Pictures. Edmund Lowe stars as a man with the "Gift of Gab" — he can sell anyone anything. The film costars Ruth Etting, Ethel Waters, Victor Moore, and Gloria Stuart, and features Boris Karloff and Béla Lugosi. Ruth Etting sings "...

The House of Rothschild (1934)

The House of Rothschild (1934) is an American film written by Nunnally Johnson from the play by George Hembert Westley, and directed by Alfred L. Werker. It chronicles the biographical story of the rise of the Rothschild family of European bankers. Its final sequence was one of the first shot in ...

The Ghoul (1933)

Gaumont British borrowed just the vaguest outline from the 1928 source novel by Frank King (and subsequent play by King and Leonard J. Hines). King's novel is sub-par Edgar Wallace in which a master criminal popularly referred to as 'The Ghoul' has been responsible for a London crime wave. Betty ...

The Miracle Man (1932)

The film starts in Chinatown. Harry Evans (Ned Sparks) is a pickpocket, and he passes the Frog (John Wray), who is pretending to be a cripple. Harry gives the Frog a watch, which he just stole from a man. The Frog, who crawls, is almost hit by a car. The guests on the car are guests traveling to ...

Night World (1932)

The whole film takes place in the nightclub of Happy MacDonald (Karloff). One of the more outrageous aspects of the film is that one of the people at the nightclub is a wildly stereotypical gay "queen". Although Karloff is a villain, he plays a charming man, quite unlike most of the parts he was ...

Behind the Mask (1932)

Behind the Mask may refer to:

Business and Pleasure (1932)

Earl Tinker (Will Rogers) goes on a Mediterranean cruise and finds that a business rival has a femme fatale in pursuit.