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Brian Donlevy

Brian Donlevy

Birthdate: February 9, 1901

Deathdate: April 5, 1972

?From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Brian Donlevy  (February 9, 1901 – April 5, 1972) was an Ulster-born American film actor, noted for playing tough guys from the 1930s to the 1960s. He usually appeared in supporting roles. Among his best known films are Beau Geste (1939) and The Great McGinty (1940). For his role as Sergeant Markoff in Beau Geste he was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Ac... ...detailed bio


Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (1982)

In the opening scene, John Hay Forrest (George Gaynes), noted scientist and cheesemaker, dies in a single-vehicle car accident (represented by the car wreck scene from Keeper of the Flame). In the next scene, private investigator Rigby Reardon (Steve Martin) is reading a newspaper when Forrest's ...

House of Evil (1972)

Morhenge Mansion, 1900: The dying Matthias Morteval invites his dysfunctional relatives to his home for a will reading. However, he dies and soon the relatives are being murdered one-by-one by his living toys...

Pit Stop (1969)

Pit Stop is a 1969 film directed by Jack Hill. It stars Brian Donlevy and Richard Davalos. == Cast

Five Golden Dragons (1967)

Five Golden Dragons is a 1967 British action film filmed in Hong Kong directed by Jeremy Summers, starring Robert Cummings, Margaret Lee and a cast of "guest stars".

Gammera The Invincible (1966)

An atomic explosion awakens Gammera, a giant fire breathing turtle monster from his millions of years of hibernation.

Waco (1966)

A town in Wyoming is up in arms. Somebody has shot the sheriff, Billy Kelly, and things are so bad that preacher Sam Stone and businessman George Gates implore the mayor, Ned West, to bring in outside help. They arrange for a gunfighter called "Waco" to be pardoned by the governor and sprung fro...

Gamera (1966)

In an icy North American region, a Soviet bomber is shot down by an American fighter jet. The bomber crashes and its cargo, a low-level atomic bomb, explodes. The resulting cataclysm awakens a giant, prehistoric monster called "Gamera", who has the appearance of a giant turtle with large tusks. G...

How to Stuff a Wild Bikini (1965)

The story begins with Frankie (Avalon) going to Tahiti on naval reserve duty. While cavorting with local girls, Frankie realizes that Dee Dee (Funicello) might be disloyal to him. When Frankie seeks help from a witch doctor (Buster Keaton), the witch doctor sends a sea beauty, Cassandra (Adams), ...

Curse of the Fly (1965)

Martin Delambre (Baker) is driving to Montreal one night when he sees a young girl running in her underwear by the name of Patricia Stanley (Gray). They fall in love and are soon married. However, they both hold secrets: she has recently escaped from a mental asylum; he and his father Henri (Donl...

The Errand Boy (1961)

Paramutual Pictures decides that they need a spy to find out the inner workings of their studio. Morty Tashman (Jerry Lewis) is a paperhanger who happens to be working right outside their window. They decide that he is the man for the job and hire him on the spot. He bumbles his way through a ser...

Never So Few (1959)

Shot on location in Burma, Thailand and Ceylon, the film follows Captain Tom Reynolds (Sinatra) and his fellow OSS operatives, Captain Grey Travis (Lawford) and Corporal Bill Ringa (McQueen), leading Kachin natives in fighting the Japanese in Burma in World War II despite a lack of support from t...

Cowboy (1958)

Frank Harris (Jack Lemmon) is a Chicago hotel clerk who dreams of being a cowboy and has fallen in love with Maria (Anna Kashfi), the daughter of hotel guest and Mexican cattle baron Señor Vidal (Donald Randolph). When Señor Vidal finds out, he orders Harris to stay away. Tom Reece (Glenn Ford) f...

Quatermass 2 (1957)

As Quatermass (Brian Donlevy) struggles to gain Government support for his plans for the colonisation of the Moon, he becomes interested in reports of meteorites landing in an area known as Winnerden Flats. Travelling to the area with his colleague, Marsh (Bryan Forbes), Quatermass is astounded t...

A Cry in the Night (1956)

Eighteen-year-old Liz Taggart has gone to a lovers' lane with her boyfriend, Owen Clark, who has not yet been introduced to her parents. Unbeknownst to them, a psychopath named Harold Loftus has been watching them. Loftus knocks Owen unconscious and overpowers Liz, taking her to a shack. A coupl...

The Big Combo (1955)

Police Lt. Leonard Diamond is on a personal crusade to bring down sadistic gangster Mr. Brown. He's also dangerously obsessed with Brown's girlfriend, the suicidal Susan Lowell. His main objective as a detective is to uncover what happened to a woman called "Alicia" from the crime boss's past. M...

The Quatermass Xperiment (1955)

The British Rocket Group, headed by Professor Bernard Quatermass, launches its first rocket into space. Shortly after its launch, all contact with the rocket and the three occupants – Carroon, Reichenheim and Green – is lost. The rocket returns to Earth, crashing in an English field. Quatermass a...

Hoodlum Empire (1952)

It's a deadly play for power when a Mafia chieftain's top gun goes straight and threatens to testify against the big boss and his cruel, nationwide network of crime. The picture, which was shot in a semi-documentary style, was inspired by the Kefauver investigations of 1950-51.

Kansas Raiders (1950)

Jesse James (Audie Murphy) and his friends - brother Frank (Richard Long), brothers Cole (James Best) and Jim Younger (Dewey Martin), plus Kit Dalton (Tony Curtis) - arrive in Lawrence, Kansas, and are falsely accused of being members of Quantrill's Raiders. They are about to be lynched but are s...

Shakedown (1950)

In "Shakedown," Howard Duff plays a photographer who will stop at nothing to climb his way to the very top of the success ladder. On the strength of his sheer tenacity, he gets a job with a major newspaper, and it's not long before he's made a name for himself by charming a notorious crime boss (...

Impact (1949)

Millionaire industrialist Walter Williams (Brian Donlevy) has a young wife, Irene (Helen Walker), who is trying to kill him with the help of her young lover, Jim Torrance (Tony Barrett). The plan falls apart when Williams survives a hit on the head from the would-be killer. Attempting to flee the...