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Brian Keith

Brian Keith

Birthdate: November 14, 1921

Deathdate: June 24, 1997

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Brian Keith (November 14, 1921 – June 24, 1997) was an American film, television, and stage actor who in his four decade-long career gained recognition for his work in movies such as the 1961 Disney family film The Parent Trap, the 1966 comedy The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming, and the 1975 adventure saga The Wind and the Lion, in which he portrayed Theodore Ro... ...detailed bio


Rough Riders (1997)

Rough Riders is a 1997 television miniseries directed and co-written by John Milius about future President Theodore Roosevelt and the regiment (the 1st US Volunteer Cavalry; aka the Rough Riders). The series prominently shows the bravery of the volunteers at the Battle of San Juan Hill, part of t...

The Second Civil War (1997)

The 1997 film is set in a United States in which foreign immigration has skyrocketed: The mayor of Los Angeles speaks only in Spanish, Rhode Island is populated mostly by Chinese-Americans, and Alabama has a congressman from India. Politics is openly reduced to a matter of catering to various eth...

Entertaining Angels: The Dorothy Day Story (1996)

Entertaining Angels: the Dorothy Day Story is a 1996 independent film about the life of Dorothy Day, the journalist turned social activist and founder of the Catholic Worker newspaper. The film stars Moira Kelly as Day, Heather Graham, Lenny Von Dohlen and Martin Sheen. Kelly and Sheen are also c...

Life with Mikey (1993)

Mikey Chapman (Michael J. Fox), a former child star and now a talent agent for child stars, discovers Angie Vega (Christina Vidal, in her first movie), a girl who pick-pockets for money and lives with her teenage sister and her boyfriend. Together, they try to hit it big and earn her a role on a ...

The Streets of Beverly Hills (1992)


Welcome Home (1989)

Jake Robbins went off to Vietnam, leaving his wife behind to mourn when he is reported missing, presumed dead. Seventeen years later, he unexpectedly returns. Having been a prisoner of war, Jake was rescued and ended up in Cambodia having a family. Jake's reappearance is a godsend for his father...

Young Guns (1988)

John Tunstall (Terence Stamp), an educated Englishman and cattle rancher in Lincoln County, New Mexico, hires wayward young gunmen to live and work on his ranch. Tunstall is in heavy competition with another well-connected Irishman named Lawrence Murphy (Jack Palance), who owns a large ranch; the...

Death Before Dishonor (1987)

Gunnery Sergeant Burns is in charge of the Marine Security Guard detachment at a United States embassy in the Middle East. When terrorists attack the compound, taking hostages, Burns becomes a one-man Marine Corps in an attempt to rescue the hostages and kill the terrorists.

The Parent Trap II (1986)

The film takes place twenty-five years after the original film. Sharon Ferris (Hayley Mills) is unhappily divorced and living as a single, somewhat jaded mother in Tampa, Florida. Her daughter, Nikki (Carrie Kei Heim), is not happy about their impending move to New York City. While in summer scho...

Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen (1981)

Retired detective Charlie Chan is asked for his help by the San Francisco police to solve a new series of murders. His son Lee is, as usual, by his side. Prime suspect in the killings is a shady lady known as the Dragon Queen, but soon Chan's suspicions fall elsewhere.

Sharky's Machine (1981)

Tom Sharky (Burt Reynolds) is a narcotics cop in Atlanta who is working on a transaction with a drug dealer. Another member of the force, Smiley (Darryl Hickman), shows up unexpectedly during the sting, causing the drug dealer to run and Sharky to give chase, ultimately shooting the suspect on a...

The Mountain Men (1980)

Charlton Heston stars as an argumentative, curmudgeonly mountain man by the name of Bill Tyler. His co-star, Brian Keith, in the role of Henry Frapp, is Bill's good friend and fellow trapper. Together, they trap beaver, fight Indians, and drink at a mountain man rendezvous while trying to sell th...

Meteor (1979)

After the asteroid Orpheus collides with a comet, a five-mile chunk of Orpheus is heading on a collision course towards Earth. While the United States government engage in political maneuvering, smaller asteroid fragments precede the main body wreaking havoc on the planet. The United States has a...

Moonraker (1979)

A Drax Industries Moonraker space shuttle on loan to the United Kingdom is hijacked in mid-air and MI6 operative, James Bond, agent 007, is recalled from Africa to investigate. En route in a small charter plane, Bond is attacked by the pilot and crew and is pushed out of the plane by the mercenar...

Hooper (1978)

Veteran stuntman Sonny Hooper (Burt Reynolds), known in Hollywood as "The Greatest Stuntman Alive", is currently working as Adam West's stunt double on the fictitious action film The Spy Who Laughed at Danger. Hooper's on-set antics and wisecracks are a trial for egotistical director Roger Deal (...

Nickelodeon (1976)

Going from a lawyer to a writer, and then to a film director, is the career path on which we find Leo Harrigan (Ryan O'Neal). But Leo has problems as well, such as being hopelessly smitten with his leading lady, who chooses to grab his attentions by getting herself engaged to his vulgar and ignor...

The Wind and the Lion (1975)

During 1904, Morocco is the source of conflict by the powers of Imperial Germany, France, and the British Empire, all of whom are trying to establish a sphere of influence in that country. Mulai Ahmed er Raisuli is the commander of a band of Berber insurrectionists opposed to the young Sultan Abd...

The Yakuza (1974)

Retired detective Harry Kilmer (Robert Mitchum) is called upon by an old friend, George Tanner (Brian Keith). Tanner has been doing business with a yakuza gangster, Tono (Eiji Okada), who has taken Tanner's daughter and her boyfriend hostage to apply pressure in a business deal involving the sale...

Scandalous John (1971)

John McCanless was once a gunslinger and has become a cranky old rancher. There is a plan to build a dam which would flood his property. John has no intention of selling his land and is determined to fight the dam to the end if necessary.

The McKenzie Break (1970)

At a Prisoner of War (POW) camp for Germans in the north of Scotland, Kapitän zur See Willi Schlüter (Helmut Griem) - a German submariner – challenges the authority of the camp’s embattled Commanding Officer, Major Perry (Ian Hendry). British Army Captain Jack Connor arrives to investigate what's...