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Bryan Forbes

Bryan Forbes

Birthdate: July 22, 1926

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bryan Forbes, CBE is an English film director, actor and writer. Description above from the Wikipedia article Bryan Forbes, licensed under CC-BY-SA,full list of contributors on Wikipedia. ...detailed bio


The League of Gentlemen (1960)

A manhole opens at night in an empty street and out climbs Lieutenant-Colonel Norman Hyde (Jack Hawkins) in a dinner suit. He gets into a Rolls-Royce and drives home. There, he prepares seven envelopes, each containing an American crime paperback called The Golden Fleece, ten half-£5-notes (i.e. ...

I Was Monty's Double (1958)

A few months before the D-Day landings during World War II, the British government decides to launch a campaign of disinformation; spreading a rumour that the landings just might take place at a location other than Normandy. The details of the operation (actually, there were several such operatio...

Quatermass 2 (1957)

As Quatermass (Brian Donlevy) struggles to gain Government support for his plans for the colonisation of the Moon, he becomes interested in reports of meteorites landing in an area known as Winnerden Flats. Travelling to the area with his colleague, Marsh (Bryan Forbes), Quatermass is astounded t...

It's Great To Be Young (1956)

It's Great to Be Young is a 1956 musical comedy film about a school music teacher, starring Cecil Parker and John Mills.

Satellite in the Sky (1956)

Great Britain launches the 'Stardust'; the first manned spaceship with a deadly nuclear “tritonium” bomb attached to it.

The Black Tent (1956)

The film begins with a tank battle where blond-haired Captain Holland (Anthony Steel) is sprawled unconscious in the dunes. When he comes to, he walks over the dunes until collapsing near a Bedouin encampment at an oasis. He is found by the sheik's daughter, Mabrouka (Anna Maria Sandri), who take...

The Colditz Story (1955)

British, French, Dutch and Polish Prisoners of War (POWs), of many other nationalities who have repeatedly made escape attempts but have been recaptured, are sent to Oflag IV-C, a supposedly secure castle in Saxony, in the heart of Germany, during World War II. At first the different nationalitie...

The Cockleshell Heroes (1955)

Ferrer plays newly-promoted Major (Acting) Stringer of the Royal Marines, who comes up with a novel idea for a raid. By using collapsible canoes, he believes it is possible for commandos to reach an enemy-held harbour undetected and blow up ships with limpet mines. He is given command of a smal...