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Burt Kennedy

Burt Kennedy

Birthdate: September 3, 1922

Deathdate: February 15, 2001

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Burt Kennedy (September 3, 1922 - February 15, 2001) was an American screenwriter and director known for mainly directing film Westerns. After World War II service in the 1st Cavalry Division, Muskegon, Michigan-born Kennedy found work writing for radio, then used his training as a cavalry officer to secure a job as a fencing trainer and fencing stunt doubles in films. That ... ...detailed bio


The Money Trap (1966)

The Money trap is a 1965 drama film directed by Burt Kennedy starring Glenn Ford, Elke Sommer and Rita Hayworth. The Money Trap is written by Walter Bernstein and based on the novel by Lionel White Joe Baron (Glenn Ford) is an under appreciated, under paid cop who has the ability to spend freely ...

The Rounders (1965)

Ben Jones (Glenn Ford) and Marion 'Howdy' Lewis (Henry Fonda) are two easygoing, modern-day cowboys who make a meager living breaking wild horses. Their frequent employer is Jim Ed Love (Chill Wills), a shrewd businessman who always gets the better of them. After they bring him a string of tamed ...

Comanche Station (1960)

Jefferson Cody, whose wife was captured by Comanches, frees another man's wife and is taking her home. Three outlaws, led by the charming but malevolent Ben Lane, reveal that the woman's husband has offered a $5,000 reward, making the woman, Mrs. Lowe, suspicious of Cody's motives in coming to he...

Ride Lonesome (1959)

Bounty hunter Ben Brigade (Randolph Scott) captures wanted outlaw Billy John (James Best), who brags that his brother Frank (Lee Van Cleef) will never allow Brigade to take Billy John to justice in Santa Cruz, California. Along the way, Brigade comes to the rescue of a woman, Carrie Lane (Karen S...

The Tall T (1957)

Passing a stagecoach way station on his journey into town, Pat Brennan agrees to return with some storebought candy for the friendly station manager's young son. At a ranch where he once worked, the cheerful Brennan loses his horse in a wager and is forced to walk home. He gets a welcomed rescue ...

Seven Men from Now (1956)

Ben Stride (Randolph Scott) walks into a desert cave encampment during a nighttime rainstorm. He encounters two men taking shelter next to a fire and asks to join them. Stride tells the men he's from the town of Silver Springs, which provokes a mysterious reaction from the two men. They discuss a...

Man in the Vault (1956)

The criminal Willis Trent wants to rob the safety deposit box of a crooked Los Angeles businessman, Paul De Camp. He has lawyer Earl Farraday smooth-talk the guy's girlfriend, the two-timing Flo Randall, into revealing the bank box's number. Now they need a locksmith. A henchman called Herbie is ...