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C.O. Erickson

C.O. Erickson

Birthdate: December 17, 1923


Windtalkers (2002)

During World War II, Cpl. Joe Enders rallies to return to active duty with the aid of his pharmacist, Rita, after previously surviving a gruesome battle against the Imperial Japanese Army that killed his entire squad and left him almost deaf from a Japanese grenade explosion. Enders' new assignme...

Antitrust (2001)

Working with his three friends at their new software development company Skullbocks, Stanford graduate Milo Hoffman (Phillippe) is contacted by CEO Gary Winston (Robbins) of NURV (Never Underestimate Radical Vision) for a very attractive programming position: a fat paycheck, an almost-unrestraine...

Cloak & Dagger (1984)

Thomas plays Davey Osborne, an 11-year-old who lives in San Antonio with his father Hal Osborne, played by Coleman. His mother has recently died, leaving just him and his father, a military air traffic controller who has problems relating to his child. Davey is a lonely child and is still grievin...

Popeye (1980)

Popeye (Robin Williams), a sailor, arrives at the small coastal town of Sweethaven ("Sweethaven - An Anthem") while searching for his long-lost father. He is immediately feared by the townsfolk simply because he is a stranger ("Blow Me Down"), and is accosted by a greedy taxman (Donald Moffat). H...

Chinatown (1974)

A woman identifying herself as Evelyn Mulwray (Ladd) hires private investigator J.J. "Jake" Gittes (Nicholson) to perform surveillance on her husband Hollis I. Mulwray (Zwerling), the chief engineer for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. Gittes tails him, hears him publicly oppose the...

Rear Window (1954)

After breaking his leg photographing a racetrack accident, professional photographer L.B. "Jeff" Jefferies (James Stewart) is confined in his Greenwich Village apartment, using a wheelchair while he recuperates. His rear window looks out onto a small courtyard and several other apartments. Duri...