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Carroll Baker

Carroll Baker

Birthdate: May 28, 1931

?From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.   Carroll Baker (born May 28, 1931) is a former American actress who has enjoyed popularity as both a serious dramatic actress and, particularly in the 1960s, as a movie sex symbol. Despite being cast in a wide range of roles during her heyday, Baker's beautiful features, blonde hair, and distinctive drawl made her particularly memorable in roles as a brash, flamboyant woma... ...detailed bio


Another Woman's Husband (2000)

Charming ladies man Johnny Miller is bored with his still committed wife, swimming instructor Susan...

The Game (1997)

Nicholas Van Orton (Douglas) is a successful and wealthy investment banker, but his success has come at the cost of his personal life. He is estranged from both his ex-wife and his only brother, an indication of his cold demeanor to anyone who interacts with him. He remains haunted from having se...

Kindergarten Cop (1990)

After years of pursuing drug dealer Cullen Crisp (Richard Tyson), Los Angeles Police Detective John Kimble (Arnold Schwarzenegger) has him on a murder charge after Crisp shot and killed an informant who had given him information regarding the whereabouts of his ex-wife, Rachel Myatt Crisp, and ...

Hollywood Uncensored (1987)

Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and Peter Fonda host an examination of the history of decency standards for movies from the early 1920s onwards.

Ironweed (1987)

Francis Phelan (Jack Nicholson) is a washed-up baseball player who deserted his family back in the 1910s when he accidentally and drunkenly dropped his son and killed him. Since then, Phelan has been a bum, punishing himself. Wandering into Albany, New York, Phelan seeks out his lover and drinkin...

Native Son (1986)


Hitler's SS: Portrait in Evil (1985)

Helmut and Karl Hoffman are two brothers who grow up in the Great Depression of the Weimar Republic, witness the coming to power of the NSDAP (Nazi Party) and the establishment of the Third Reich. Karl, an unemployed mechanic, is enthusiastic about the Nazis and joins the Sturmabteilung (SA-"Stor...

Red Monarch (1983)

Red Monarch is a 1983 British TV film starring Colin Blakely as Joseph Stalin. It is directed by Jack Gold and features David Suchet as Lavrentiy Beria and David Threlfall as Stalin's son Vasily. Red Monarch is a comedy based on The Red Monarch: Scenes From the Life of Stalin, a collection of sh...

Star 80 (1983)

Star 80 is a 1983 American film about the true story of Playboy Playmate of the Year Dorothy Stratten, who was murdered by her estranged husband Paul Snider in 1980. The film was directed by Bob Fosse, and starred Mariel Hemingway and Eric Roberts. The film was shot on location in Vancouver, Brit...

The Watcher in the Woods (1980)

An Anglo-American family, Helen and Paul Curtis (Carroll Baker and David McCallum) and their daughters Jan (Lynn-Holly Johnson) and Ellie (Kyle Richards), move into a manor. Mrs. Aylwood (Bette Davis), the owner of the residence, notices that Jan bears a striking resemblance to her daughter, Kare...

Terror Storm (1978)

An airplane goes down in the ocean during a storm and a few survivors find refuge on a small tour boat. Swept out to sea, these people slowly starve to death in the hot sun with barely any food or clean water. With no place to turn, the boat survivors resort to cannibalism to stay alive...that is...

Bad (1977)

The film focuses on Hazel Aiken (Carroll Baker), a hairdresser who runs a beauty salon in her house and makes extra money by providing hitmen with hit jobs, and interweaves multiple side plots involving characters in the crimes.

Baba Yaga (1973)

Caroll Baker stars in this psychedelic shocker about a mysterious witch who casts a spell over attractive, youthful fashion photographer Valentina Rosselli (Isabelle De Funes). Thrust into a world of sadism, Valentina must figure out whether the torture being inflicted on her is because of one wo...

Knife of Ice (1972)

A famous singer, Jenny Ascot (Evelyn Stewart), visits her cousin Martha Caldwell (Carroll Baker) at her home in the Pyrenees. Caldwell has long been rendered mute after witnessing both her parents being killed in a train crash. While Ascot and Caldwell are travelling to Caldwell's home, they noti...

Captain Apache (1971)

An Indian discovers plans to assassinate the president when he was investigating another murder.

La última señora Anderson (1971)

No overview found.

The Sweet Body of Deborah (1969)

Deborah, a wealthy American, and her Italian husband, Marcel, are honeymooning in Geneva when they meet Marcel's friend Philip, who belligerently informs them that Susan, Marcel's former fiancée, has committed suicide. The couple stop at Susan's deserted villa, where Marcel receives a death threa...

Orgasmo (1969)

Orgasmo (also known as Paranoia) is a 1969 Italian-French giallo thriller film starring Carroll Baker and Lou Castel and directed by Umberto Lenzi. The plot focuses on a wealthy American widow who is exploited and terrorized by two siblings.

So Sweet... So Perverse (1969)

Industrialist Jean is living a jet set life in late sixties Paris. Things are not so well at home with his frigid wife Danielle. He meets their new neighbour, Nicole, and they become lovers. But she has a sadistic ex-boyfriend, Klaus, which keeps showing up. It soon transpires that Danielle and N...

The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965)

The Greatest Story Ever Told is a 1965 American epic film produced and directed by George Stevens and distributed by United Artists. It is a retelling of the story of Jesus Christ, from the Nativity through the Resurrection. This film is notable for its large ensemble cast and for being the last ...