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Charles Wagenheim

Charles Wagenheim



The Diary of Anne Frank (1959)

In 1945, as a truckload of war survivors stops in front of an Amsterdam factory at the end of World War II, Otto Frank (Joseph Schildkraut) gets out and walks inside. After climbing the stairs to a deserted garret, Otto finds a girl's discarded glove and sobs, then is joined and comforted by Miep...

The Tunnel of Love (1958)

In Westport, Connecticut, Augie and Isolde Poole celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary by turning in an application to the Rock-a-Bye adoption agency. Encouraged by their friends and next-door neighbors, Dick and Alice Pepper, who have three children and another due, Isolde, who has been unsu...

Canyon Crossroads (1956)

A mining engineer, who is shunned by his peers for his unorthodox beliefs concerning the whereabouts of large uranium deposits, joins forces with a girl and her father to search for the mineral. When the father is hurt in an accident, daughter and engineer continue the project, aided by a Native ...

The House on Telegraph Hill (1951)

The film begins in German concentration camp Belsen where Polish prisoner Wiktoria Kowalska reflects on the destruction of her house and family by the Nazis. Her best friend Karin, another Polish prisoner, tells of her son in America and her hope to reunite with him there. Karin dies shortly befo...

A Lady Without Passport (1950)

After World War II, people try to sneak into the U.S. illegally with the help of a human smuggling ring run by Palinov (George Macready). U.S. Immigration operative Peter Karczag (John Hodiak) is sent to Havana, where he poses as a Hungarian in need of Palinov's services. During his dangerous und...

Calling Dr. Death (1943)

A respected neurologist, Dr. Mark Steele (Lon Chaney, Jr.) treats his patients successfully with hypnosis, but has troubles of his own from a marriage falling apart, that he cannot treat himself in the same way. His wife Maria (Ramsay Ames) is cheating on him on a regular basis, which is somethin...

Fingers at the Window (1942)

A magician uses hypnosis to create an army of murderers.

The Get-Away (1941)

The Getaway is a 1941 film directed by Edward Buzzell. It stars Robert Sterling and Charles Winninger. It is a remake of Public Hero No. 1.

Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum (1940)

Chan is lured to a wax museum by someone out for revenge.