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Charlotte Brontë

Charlotte Brontë


Charlotte Brontë was born on 21st April 1816 in Thornton, Yorkshire, England. She was a writer known for the novel Jane Eyre. She died on 31st March 1855. ...detailed bio


Jane Eyre (2011)

The film begins with Jane Eyre running away from Thornfield Hall in the middle of the night and finding herself alone on the moors, in the pouring rain. She manages to reach the doorstep of Moor House, the home of Mr. St. John Rivers, a clergyman, and his two sisters. They take Jane in, saving he...

Jane Eyre (2006)

In this version of Charlotte Brontë's novel, Jane Eyre as a young girl (Georgie Henley) is raised as a poor relation in the household of her aunt, Mrs. Reed (Tara FitzGerald). As a young woman (Ruth Wilson), Jane is hired by the housekeeper of Thornfield Hall, Mrs. Fairfax, to be a governess for ...

Jane Eyre (1997)

Charlotte Brontë's novel Jane Eyre (1847) has been the subject of numerous television and film adaptations. This version appeared on the A&E Television Network in 1997. Notable for omitting the middle scenes with Mrs Reed, the Rivers' relationship to Jane, and her uncle's inheritance. But includ...

Jane Eyre (1996)

Jane Eyre (portrayed as the orphan child by Anna Paquin and as an adult by Charlotte Gainsbourg) is the plain, impoverished young woman who is hired by Mr. Rochester (William Hurt) through Mrs. Fairfax (Joan Plowright) to work as a governess for Adele (Josephine Serre). Despite her mild unpreposs...

Jane Eyre (1983)

BBC TV mini series

Jane Eyre (1983)

Jane Eyre is a 1983 British television serial adaptation of Charlotte Brontë's novel of the same name, produced by BBC and directed by Julian Amyes. The serial stars Zelah Clarke as the title character, and Timothy Dalton as Edward Rochester. Deene Park, located near Corby, Northamptonshire was u...

Jane Eyre (1973)

In this version of Charlotte Brontë's great novel, Jane Eyre (Sorcha Cusack) is an independent and strong-minded young woman who is hired by Mr. Rochester (Michael Jayston) to work as a governess. What she does not realize is that she must share the estate (and ultimately Mr. Rochester) with his ...

Jane Eyre (1970)

Jane Eyre is an orphan, sent to the cruel school institution of Lowood. On leaving, she takes a position as governess to a girl named Adele at Thornfield Hall. Fully aware of her low rank and plain countenance, she makes the best of her situation. But Thornfield holds many secrets and despite mys...

Jane Eyre (1944)

Orphaned and unwanted child Jane Eyre (Peggy Ann Garner) lives with her aunt, Mrs. Reed (Agnes Moorehead) of Gateshead Hall. Both Jane and her aunt are glad when Mrs. Reed arranges for Jane to be sent to Lowood Institution, a charity boarding school run by the harsh Reverend Brocklehurst (Henry D...

Jane Eyre (1934)

A Victorian orphan who secures a position as governess at Thornfield Hall. She falls in love with her employer.