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Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee

Birthdate: May 27, 1922

Deathdate: June 7, 2015

Sir Christopher Frank Carandini Lee, CBE, CStJ (born 27 May 1922) is an English actor and musician. Lee initially portrayed villains and became famous for his role as Count Dracula in a string of Hammer Horror films. Other notable roles include Lord Summerisle in The Wicker Man (1973), Francisco Scaramanga in The Man with the Golden Gun (1974), Count Dooku in Star Wars episodes II and III (2002, 2005) and Saruman ... ...detailed bio


The Dark Avenger (1955)

Edward, Prince of Wales, son and heir to his father King Edward III of England, leads an English army to the French province of Aquitaine to protect the inhabitant from the ravages of the French. After defeating the French in battle, the defeated French plot to kill the prince. Failing in this, t...

Police Dog (1955)

Police Dog is a 1955 British crime film directed by Derek Twist. It stars Charles Victor, Nora Gordon, Cecil Brock, John Le Mesurier, James Gilbert, and Christopher Lee.

Alias John Preston (1955)

Alias John Preston is a 1955 British horror film directed by David MacDonald and starring Betta St. John, Alexander Knox and Christopher Lee. A mysterious and wealthy man moves to a small village where he outwardly appears to be a friendly figure but nurses a dangerous secret.

The Cockleshell Heroes (1955)

Ferrer plays newly-promoted Major (Acting) Stringer of the Royal Marines, who comes up with a novel idea for a raid. By using collapsible canoes, he believes it is possible for commandos to reach an enemy-held harbour undetected and blow up ships with limpet mines. He is given command of a smal...

Destination Milan (1954)


Innocents in Paris (1953)

Innocents in Paris is a 1953 British French international co-production comedy film produced by Romulus Films, directed by Gordon Parry and starring Alastair Sim, Jimmy Edwards, Claire Bloom, Margaret Rutherford, James Copeland and Ronald Shiner as Dicky Bird. The film features Louis de Funès as ...

Paul Temple Returns (1952)

Paul Temple Returns is a 1952 British crime film directed by Maclean Rogers and starring John Bentley, Patricia Dainton and Peter Gawthorne. It was the fourth and last in the series of Paul Temple films, although the character was revived for the BBC television series Paul Temple in 1969.

The Crimson Pirate (1952)

In the Caribbean, late in the 18th century, Captain Vallo (Burt Lancaster), a pirate known as "The Crimson Pirate", and his crew capture a ship of the King's navy. The ship is carrying Baron Gruda (Leslie Bradley), the special envoy to the King, who is on his way to the Island of Cobra to help cr...

Babes in Bagdad (1952)


Top Secret (1952)

Top Secret is a 1952 British comedy film directed by Mario Zampi and starring George Cole, Oskar Homolka and Nadia Gray. A sanitation inspector is mistaken for an international spy.

Moulin Rouge (1952)

In Paris in 1890, as crowds pour into the Moulin Rouge nightclub, young artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec finishes a bottle of cognac and sketches the dancers as they perform. The nightclub's regulars each stop by: singer Jane Avril teases Henri charmingly, dancers La Goulue and Aicha fight, and o...

Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N. (1951)

In 1807, during the Napoleonic Wars, English Royal Navy Captain Horatio Hornblower (Gregory Peck) commands the 36-gun frigate HMS Lydia on a lengthy secret mission to Central America. He is to provide arms and support to a megalomaniac calling himself "El Supremo" or "The Almighty" (Alec Mango)...

Valley of Eagles (1951)

The setting is Stockholm, Sweden, "this year". Dr Nils Ahlen, working at the "Institute of Technical Research", is about to leave his home to give a talk at Uppsala University on his new invention and he discusses arrangements for his absence with his assistant, Sven Nystrom. Nystrom intends to w...

They Were Not Divided (1950)

During the middle years of the war, three men are called up to serve in the British Army. The Englishman Philip Hamilton, the American David Morgan and the Irishman Smoke O'Connor are drafted into the Guards Division and report to their barracks at Caterham, Surrey. After going through strict tra...

Prelude to Fame (1950)

While vacationing in Italy, Nick Morell (Robin Dowell), son of John Morell (Guy Rolfe), a famous English philosopher and amateur musician and his wife Catherine (Kathleen Ryan), becomes friendly with young Guido (Jeremy Spenser), and Morell discovers the boy has an extraordinary instinct for orch...

Trottie True (1949)

Trottie True is a 1949 British musical comedy film directed by Brian Desmond Hurst and starring Jean Kent, James Donald and Hugh Sinclair. It was adapted from a play by Caryl Brahms and S. J. Simon.

Scott of the Antarctic (1948)

Captain Scott is given the men, but not the funds, to go on a second expedition to the Antarctic. As his wife works on a bust of him, she tells him that she's "not the least jealous" that he's going to the Antarctic again. The wife of a Dr. E.A. Wilson whom Scott hopes to recruit has a very diffe...

Corridor of Mirrors (1948)

Corridor of Mirrors is a 1948 British drama film directed by Terence Young and starring Eric Portman, Edana Romney and Barbara Mullen. It was based on a novel by Christopher Massie. It is notable as being Christopher Lee's first film.

Hamlet (1948)

The film follows the overall story of the play, but cuts nearly half the dialogue, leaves out two major characters, and includes an opening voice-over that represents Hamlet's fundamental problem as indecision. The film begins with a narrator (actually Olivier himself) quoting some of Hamlet's li...

A Song for Tomorrow (1948)

A Song for Tomorrow is a 1948 drama film directed by Terence Fisher, in his first directed film. It stars Evelyn Maccabe and Ralph Michael.