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Chubby Johnson

Chubby Johnson

Birthdate: August 13, 1903

Deathdate: October 31, 1974


Support Your Local Sheriff! (1969)

The Old West frontier town of Calendar, Colorado springs up almost overnight when the rather klutzy and hotheaded Prudy Perkins (Joan Hackett) discovers gold in a grave during a funeral. Her father Olly (Harry Morgan) becomes mayor of the new settlement. He and the other members of the town counc...

Sam Whiskey (1969)

The husband of Laura Breckenridge has stolen $200,000 from a Denver mint. To return the money and clear her name, she offers Sam Whiskey a $20,000 reward to recover it. Sam brings along a blacksmith, Jedidiah Hooker, and an inventor, O.W. Bandy, on his quest, trailed by a villain called Fat Henry...

7 Faces of Dr. Lao (1964)

It is the dawn of the 20th century, and an elderly Chinese man rides a jackass into Abalone, Arizona, his only visible possession a fishbowl occupied by an innocuous-looking fish. This magical visitor, Dr. Lao (Tony Randall), visits Edward Cunningham's (John Ericson) newspaper and places a large ...

True Story of Jesse James (1957)

Jesse (Robert Wagner) and Frank James (Jeffrey Hunter) ride with their gang into Northfield, Minnesota for a raid. While robbing a bank, gun fighting breaks out and two of the gang are killed. The James Brothers and another gang member head out of town and hide out while investigators from the Re...

The River's Edge (1957)

Ben Cameron (Anthony Quinn) and wife Meg (Debra Paget) struggle to build their small ranch in New Mexico desert. Bad guy Nardo Denning (Ray Milland) arrives in New Mexico looking for his girlfriend and her husband. At gunpoint, Nardo forces the couple to guide him safely to Mexico with the stolen...

Tribute to a Bad Man (1956)

Rustlers rob horses belonging to wealthy Wyoming rancher Jeremy Rodock and shoot him. He is found by young cowboy Steve Miller, who digs out the bullet, saves Rodock's life and is offered a job at the ranch. Rodock believes in lynching rustlers personally without arrest or trial. His wrangler McN...

The Fastest Gun Alive (1956)

Notorious gunslinger George Kelby Jr. (Glenn Ford) and his wife Dora (Jeanne Crain) settle down in a peaceful little town of Cross Creek under assumed identities to avoid having to continually face men out to become famous for shooting down the "fastest gun alive". George becomes a mild-mannered ...

The Far Country (1955)

In 1896, Jeff Webster (James Stewart) hears of the Klondike gold rush and he and friend Ben Tatum (Walter Brennan) decide to drive a herd of cattle to Dawson City. On the way, he annoys self-appointed Skagway judge Gannon (John McIntire) by interrupting a hanging, so the "lawman" confiscates his ...

Tennessee's Partner (1955)

Tennessee's Partner (1955) is a Western film starring Ronald Reagan in what Peter Bogdanovich calls his "most likeable performance." It co-starred John Payne as Tennessee. It was directed by Allan Dwan, who lived to be 96 and had a 52-year directorial career. "Tennessee's Partner" is also one of ...

Cattle Queen of Montana (1954)

The Jones family, about to prove claim to prime Montana land, is raided by renegade Indians in league with villainous neighbor McCord, who gets most of the stolen cattle. Two survivors are helped by college-educated chief's son Colorados. Now Sierra Nevada Jones must fight for her land against l...

Calamity Jane (1953)

Calamity Jane (Doris Day) rides into Deadwood, South Dakota as shotgun messenger on the stagecoach. The local saloon bar, the Golden Garter, sends for beautiful women to appear on the stage and entertain the residents of a town with few females. Unfortunately, the men are anything but pleased w...

The Treasure of Lost Canyon (1952)

Young David, orphaned en route to California, falls into the hands of medicine-show rascal Baltimore Dan. Years later, now a trained thief, he's adopted by eccentric 'Doc' Brown, retired miner and pharmacist. Doc and David become fast friends in their scenic outdoor rambles. But when they discove...

Bend of the River (1952)

In 1847, remorseful former outlaw Glyn McLyntock (James Stewart) is scouting for a wagon train of settlers to Oregon. While he is checking the trail ahead, he rescues Emerson Cole (Arthur Kennedy) from being lynched for stealing a horse. Cole, who says the horse is "not exactly stolen," thinks he...

The Scarf (1951)

John Ireland stars in this thriller as a man who breaks out of an asylum for the criminally insane, where he has been committed for strangling a girl with a scarf.

Fort Worth (1951)

Former gunfighter Ned Britt (Randolph Scott) sets up shop in Fort Worth, Texas as a newspaper man. He falls in love with Flora Talbot (Phyllis Thaxter), who is the fiancée of a former friend, Blair Lunsford (David Brian). Britt tries to expose the crooked cattle baron Gabe Clevinger (Ray Teal) in...

Rocky Mountain (1950)

In the opening shot, a car pulls up to an historical marker in the desert that reads: