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Chuck Connors

Chuck Connors

Birthdate: April 10, 1921

Deathdate: November 10, 1992

?From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Chuck Connors (April 10, 1921 – November 10, 1992) was an American actor, writer, and professional basketball and baseball player. His best known role from his forty-year film career was Lucas McCain in the 1960s ABC hit Western series The Rifleman. Description above from the Wikipedia article Chuck Connors, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia. ...detailed bio


Synanon (1965)

Hooked on heroin, Zankie Albo is admitted to Synanon House, a rehabilitation center. Chuck Dederich, a recovering alcoholic, is in charge. Zankie is placed in the care of Joaney during his early, painful stages of drug withdrawal. She, too, is a rehabbing junkie, and any further mistake on her pa...

Move Over, Darling (1963)

Ellen Wagstaff Arden (Doris Day), a mother of two young children, was believed to be lost at sea following an airplane accident. Her husband, Nick Arden (James Garner), was one of the survivors. After five years of searching for her, he decides to move on with his life by having her declared leg...

Flipper (1963)

Sandy Ricks (Luke Halpin) is a young boy living in the Florida Keys who befriends a dolphin injured by a harpoon. His father, fisherman Porter Ricks (Chuck Connors) is upset, as dolphins compete for fish, which jeopardizes the family income and is upset Sandy neglects his chores. After "Flipper"...

Geronimo (1962)

In 1883, the Apache Indians lead by Geronimo reluctantly surrender to the attacks of American and Mexican troops, in exchange for a territory and food for their warriors. Soon though, Geronimo escapes the camps and declares war against the Americans.

Designing Woman (1958)

While on vacation, sports reporter Mike Hagen (Gregory Peck) meets fashion designer Marilla Brown (Lauren Bacall). The two instantly bond and quickly get married, only to realize they have little in common. Mike is a sports fan and poker enthusiast with working-class friends. Marilla designs clot...

The Big Country (1958)

Wealthy, newly retired sea captain James McKay (Gregory Peck) travels to the American West to join his fiancée Patricia (Carroll Baker) at the enormous ranch owned by her father, Major Terrill (Charles Bickford). Terrill has been feuding with Rufus Hannassey (Burl Ives), the patriarch of a poorer...

The Lady Takes a Flyer (1958)

Daredevil pilot Mike Dandridge goes into a business partnership with flight-school pal Al Reynolds and meets Maggie Colby, who's also a pilot. The two flyers take cargo to Japan, where they become romantically involved. Al is best man at their wedding, then joins the Air Force. Mike hires new pil...

Death in Small Doses (1957)

A government agent investigates the use of illegal amphetamines among long-haul truck drivers.

Old Yeller (1957)

In 1860s post-Civil War Texas, Jim Coates (Fess Parker) leaves home to work on a cattle drive, leaving behind his wife Katie (Dorothy McGuire), older son Travis (Tommy Kirk) and younger son Arliss (Kevin Corcoran). The family is so poor the children have never seen a dollar bill, other than worth...

The Hired Gun (1957)

A rich Texan hires a gunman (Rory Calhoun) to bring an escaped woman (Anne Francis) back to hang.

Hot Rod Girl (1956)

Youth on the loose, in 1950s suburbia, terrorize locals, in their supped-up hot roads. Start your engines! It’s a race to the finish, to see whether a city backed racetrack will settle things down, or push the pedal to the metal. Lisa, Lori Nelson, is worried about her fiancé Jeff, John Smith, af...

Hold Back the Night (1956)

The film tells the story in flashbacks of a bottle of Scotch carried by a World War II and Korean War Marine, Captain Sam MacKenzie.

Three Stripes in the Sun (1955)

A racist sergeant stationed in post-war Japan finds himself falling for a local woman.

Good Morning Miss Dove (1955)

Miss Dove, commonly referred to as "the terrible Miss Dove," is a prim and proper geography teacher who governs her classroom with strict disciplinary rules, dependable habits and a common-sense approach to life's everyday challenges. To the citizens and former pupils of Liberty Hill, she is re...

Naked Alibi (1954)

Police chief Joe Conroy (Hayden) is relieved of his police duties after he accuses a "respected community man" Al Willis (Barry) of murdering a group of police officers. Despite his lack of authority, Conroy puts so much heat on Willis that the latter, making the excuse to his wife Helen (Marcia ...

Code Two (1953)

Three young men train to become motorcycle cops.

South Sea Woman (1953)

U.S. Marine Master Gunnery Sergeant James O'Hearn (Burt Lancaster) is being tried at the San Diego Marine base for desertion, theft, scandalous conduct and destruction of property in time of war. He refuses to testify or plead guilty or not guilty to the charges. The film alternates between flash...

Trouble Along the Way (1953)

John Wayne portrays a college football coach (Stephen 'Steve' Aloysius Williams) who has been fired from previous jobs for violating rules relating to players' eligibility. Wayne's character is a divorced father of an eleven-year-old tomboy, Carol (Sherry Jackson). Charles Coburn (Father Matthew ...

Pat and Mike (1952)

Pat Pemberton (Hepburn) is a brilliant athlete, except when her domineering fiancé is around. The ladies golf championship is in her reach until she gets flustered by his presence at the final holes. He wants them to get married and forget the whole thing, but she cannot give up on herself that e...