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Clare Carey

Clare Carey

Birthdate: June 11, 1967

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Clare Carey (born June 11, 1967) is a film and television actress. Description above from the Wikipedia article Clare Carey, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia. ...detailed bio


Unrequited (2010)

UNREQUITED is a psychological thriller and tells the story of Ben Jacobs, a troubled young man who, on his 18th birthday, has to leave the group home for "troubled teens" where he has been living for the past several months and move back in with his alcoholic mother. Upon his return, Ben soon dis...

The Trial (2010)

After his two sons and wife die in a horrific car crash, suicide seems to be the only escape for small town attorney Kent "Mac" McClain until he's assigned a capital punishment case involving the murder of the daughter of a powerful business man, in which the victim was drugged. All the odds seem...

Rock The House (2010)

Dave Peterson (Jack Coleman) is a successful and handsome career-driven attorney who barely spends time with his teenage daughter, Karen (Cassi Thomson, "Big Love"). Their routine regularly consists of Dave choosing work over spending time with her, and Karen retreating into her journal or iPod. ...

Doc West (2010)

After bandits steal his poker winnings this American legend makes his way to the next town in search of them. Seeking out his revenge during a poker game gone bad Doc West finds himself in the local town jail. When his past is exposed and a battle amongst the town breaks out in gunfire he will ha...

La Cucina (2009)

La Cucina is a brief slice of life that is set in present day Los Angeles, on a hot summer evening in a West Hollywood apartment building. An intimate character study, it focuses on 3 couples and their very different relationships over food & wine. A young writer, Lily (Hendricks) goes on an emot...

Flu Bird Horror (2008)

Six teenagers on a chaperoned rehabilitation camping trip find themselves being hunted by mutant giant birds infected with a mysterious virus that changed the birds into deadly predators. Porky is the first to be injured by the birds. The teens devise a plan to escape, with Johnson proclaiming hi...

44 Minutes: The North Hollywood Shoot-Out (2003)

The plot, about bank robbers held at bay by the Los Angeles Police Department, is based on a real incident which occurred February 28, 1997 known as the North Hollywood shootout. Homicide detective Frank McGregor (Michael Madsen) tracks a violent duo of bank robbers: Larry Eugene Phillips, Jr. an...

Home Alone 4 (2002)

At the McCallisters' house, Peter (Jason Beghe) is about to get divorced from Kate (Clare Carey) and announces that he's living with his new and rich girlfriend Natalie (Joanna Going) at her mansion. He tells his three children Buzz (Gideon Jacobs), Megan (Chelsea Russo), and Kevin (Mike Weinberg...

Once Upon a Texas Train (1988)

Once Upon a Texas Train (AKA Texas Guns) is 1988 made-for-TV movie directed by Burt Kennedy and starring Willie Nelson as John Henry Lee and Richard Widmark as Captain Oren Hayes. The movie opens with a train robbery in Texas. However, a group of Texas Rangers is waiting for the robbers and stop ...

Waxwork (1988)

In a small suburban town, a group of college students "Mark, China, Gemma, James, Tony, and Sarah" visit a mysterious wax museum, where they encounter several morbid displays, all of which contain stock characters from the horror genre. Tony and China enter two separate waxwork displays. Tony is ...

Zombie High (1987)

A teenage girl gains a scholarship to an all-male boarding school, but soon discovers that her classmates are becoming personality-less drones. As she investigates the school, she discovers the faculty may be experimenting on students.