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Cornell Woolrich

Cornell Woolrich

Birthdate: December 4, 1903

Deathdate: September 25, 1968

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Cornell George Hopley-Woolrich (4 December 1903 – 25 September 1968) was an American novelist and short story writer who sometimes wrote under the pseudonyms William Irish and George Hopley. His biographer, Francis Nevins Jr., rated Woolrich the fourth best crime writer of his day, behind only Dashiell Hammett, Erle Stanley Gardner and Raymond Chandler. A check of film title... ...detailed bio


Original Sin (2001)

Original Sin is set in the late 19th century Cuba during the Spanish rule, and flashes back and forth a few times from the scene of a woman awaiting her execution by garrote while telling her story to a priest, to the actual events of that story. Luis Vargas (Antonio Banderas), a wealthy Hispani...

Rear Window (1998)

Quadriplegic Jason Kemp, a former architect who now uses a wheelchair, relieves the boredom of his daily existence by engaging in voyeurism, a pastime that allows him to spy on his neighbors from the rear window of his apartment. When he witnesses sculptor Julian Thorpe viciously beat his wife Il...

Mrs. Winterbourne (1996)

With flashbacks, Connie Doyle's (Ricki Lake) early life is given to give us an idea of her mindset. At 18, she meets womanizer Steve DeCunzo (Loren Dean), moves in with him and winds up pregnant. When she informs him of the fact, he kicks her out, denying responsibility. Destitute, Connie has now...

I Married a Shadow (1983)

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Union City (1980)

A man is so obsessed with finding the person responsible for stealing his milk bottles that he ignores his beautiful young wife, who has other ideas on her mind.

Mississippi Mermaid (1969)

Louis Mahé (Jean-Paul Belmondo), a wealthy tobacco plantation owner on Réunion island in the Indian Ocean, is awaiting the arrival of his bride to be, Julie Roussel (Catherine Deneuve), whom he's never met. They became acquainted through the personals column of a French newspaper and have been co...

The Bride Wore Black (1968)

Julie Kohler (Jeanne Moreau) is introduced to us trying to kill herself by leaping from an upstairs window, only to be stopped by her mother (Luce Fabiole) before she can jump. She is in black clothing and in obvious grief, but the reason is not yet revealed. Suddenly, Julie changes her attitude ...

Nightmare (1956)

New Orleans big band clarinetist Stan Grayson has a nightmare in which he sees himself in a mirrored room, killing a man. He awakens to find blood on himself, bruises on his neck, and a key from the dream in his hand. Grayson goes to his brother-in-law, police detective Rene Bressard, about the p...

Rear Window (1954)

After breaking his leg photographing a racetrack accident, professional photographer L.B. "Jeff" Jefferies (James Stewart) is confined in his Greenwich Village apartment, using a wheelchair while he recuperates. His rear window looks out onto a small courtyard and several other apartments. Duri...

Obsession (1954)

Obsession is a 1954 French language motion picture crime drama directed by Jean Delannoy who co-wrote screenplay with Antoine Blondin, Roland Laudenbach and Gian Luigi Rondi, based on story "Silent as the Grave" by Cornell Woolrich. The film stars Michèle Morgan and Raf Vallone. It tells the stor...

Si muero antes de despertar (1952)

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No Man of Her Own (1950)

Helen Ferguson (Barbara Stanwyck) is eight months pregnant and unmarried. When she goes to her unfaithful boyfriend Morley for help, all he gives her is a train ticket back to where she came from. The train crashes while Helen is on board, and she is mistaken for another pregnant woman, who was k...

The Window (1949)

Set and filmed on location in the tenement section of New York's Lower East Side, the film tells the story of a young boy, Tommy Woodry (Driscoll), who has a habit of crying wolf. Late one night, he climbs up the building fire escape and sees his two seemingly normal neighbors, Mr and Mrs Keller...

Night Has a Thousand Eyes (1948)

The film opens in New Orleans, where John Triton (Robinson) is "The Mental Wizard", a nightclub fortune teller. During a show one evening, Triton suddenly urges an audience member to rush home, cautioning that her son is in danger. As the story unfolds, Triton struggles with his newfound psychic ...

I Wouldn't Be in Your Shoes (1948)

Around Christmas time, A woman tries to prove the innocence of her dancer husband jailed for a crime she just knows he didn't commit.

Fear in the Night (1947)

Bank teller Vince Grayson (DeForest Kelley) dreams that he stabs a man in an octagonal room of mirrors and locks the body in a closet. When he wakes up, he discovers marks on his throat, a strange key and a button in his pocket, and blood on his cuff. Cliff Herlihy (Paul Kelly), his police office...

Fall Guy (1947)

With no memory of the night in question and a few clues, a man tries to prove he did not murder an attractive woman.

The Guilty (1947)

The film tells the story of two roommates, Mike Carr and Johnny Dixon. Johnny, who suffered a head injury during the war, meets a girl named Estelle Mitchell, and begins to date her. When he finds out she's dating other men around town he dumps her and starts dating her sweet twin sister, Linda. ...

The Chase (1946)

This dream-like film noir is about Chuck Scott (Robert Cummings), a World War II vet now a penniless drifter tormented by bizarre dreams, who takes a job as driver to Eddie Roman (Steve Cochran), a vicious gangster. Roman tests his new driver, Scott, by assuming control of his car from the back s...

Deadline at Dawn (1946)

Alex Winkley (Bill Williams), a young Navy sailor, wakes up from a night of drinking in New York City and finds he has a wad of cash. His memory is hazy, but he knows he got it from a woman he had visited earlier in the evening, Edna Bartelli (Lola Lane). With the help of a dance hall girl, June ...