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Curtis Bernhardt

Curtis Bernhardt

Birthdate: April 15, 1899

Deathdate: February 22, 1981

?From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Curtis Bernhardt (15 April 1899 – 22 February 1981) was a German film director born in Worms, Germany. Some of his American films were called "woman's films" including the Joan Crawford film Possessed (1947). Bernhardt trained as an actor in Germany, and performed on the stage, before starting as a film director in 1926. Other films include A Stolen Life (1946) starring Bett... ...detailed bio


Gaby (1956)

Gaby (Caron) is a ballet dancer in 1944 London who runs into corporal Gregory Wendell (Kerr) while rushing to catch the bus. Greg is mesmerized by Gaby and goes to the ballet to see her on stage, but Gaby wants nothing to do with Greg. He persists, however, and by the end of the day, she agrees t...

Interrupted Melody (1955)

Interrupted Melody is a 1955 biographical film which tells the story of Australian opera singer Marjorie Lawrence's struggle with polio. The film was released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, directed by Curtis Bernhardt and produced by Jack Cummings from a screenplay by Marjorie Lawrence, Sonya Levien, a...

Beau Brummell (1954)

Beau Brummell (1954) is a historical film released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. It was directed by Curtis Bernhardt and produced by Sam Zimbalist from a screenplay by Karl Tunberg, based on the play Beau Brummell by Clyde Fitch. The play was previously adapted as a silent film made in 1924 and starrin...

Miss Sadie Thompson (1953)

A bar girl from Hawaii, a religious zealot and a love-struck Marine struggle with sin and salvation during World War II while Sadie Thompson kicks out several songs, including the Oscar-nominated "Blue Pacific Blues".

Sirocco (1951)

In 1925 Damascus, the natives are engaged in a guerrilla war against the French rule of Syria. Harry Smith (Humphrey Bogart) is an amoral American black marketeer secretly selling them weapons. As the situation deteriorates, French General LaSalle (Everett Sloane) orders that civilians be execut...

Payment on Demand (1951)

In the opening scene, San Francisco socialite Joyce Ramsey expresses concern about the working class background of her daughter Martha's boyfriend Phil, and her husband David, tired of his opportunistic wife's social ambitions, asks her for a divorce and moves out, prompting her to look back on t...

The Blue Veil (1951)

Following the death of her newborn baby, war widow LouLou Mason accepts a temporary two-week assignment as nursemaid to the infant son of corset manufacturer Frederick K. Begley, who lost his wife in childbirth. She ingratiates herself with the family and eventually becomes a permanent fixture. W...

The Doctor and the Girl (1949)

This is the story of Michael Corday (Glenn Ford), a recently graduated doctor. His father (Charles Coburn) is a prominent doctor in New York City and wants his son to follow in his footsteps and be a great surgeon, but turn a blind eye to the personal lives of his patients. Fresh out of Harvard M...

Possessed (1947)

A woman is found wandering Los Angeles, unable to say anything other than "David." Admitted to hospital, she is coaxed into recounting her life. Louise Howell is an emotionally unstable woman working as a nurse to the invalid wife of Dean Graham in the Graham home. Louise is in love with neighbor...

High Wall (1947)

A man suffering from a recurring brain injury during the war, Steven Kenet, appears to have strangled his wife after catching her living in her boss' apartment. He blacks out while his hands are around the woman's neck. He confesses and is committed to a county asylum. At the asylum, Dr. Ann Lorr...

A Stolen Life (1946)

Kate Bosworth (played by Davis) is a sincere, demure girl and artist who misses her boat to an island off New England, where she intends to meet her sister Patricia and cousin Freddie. She persuades Bill Emerson (played by Ford) to take her home in his boat. Their relationship grows while she pai...

My Reputation (1946)

When her beloved husband dies after a long illness, Jessica Drummond (Barbara Stanwyck) is comforted by the executor of her husband's estate, lawyer Frank Everett (Warner Anderson), who's been a family friend for years and, later, shows an interest in dating "Jess". Her mother (Lucile Watson) ha...

Devotion (1946)

Devotion is a 1946 American biographical film directed by Curtis Bernhardt and starring Ida Lupino, Paul Henreid, Olivia de Havilland, and Sydney Greenstreet. Based on a story by Theodore Reeves, the film is a highly fictionalized account of the lives of the Brontë sisters. The movie features Mon...

Conflict (1945)

Conflict may refer to: Conflict (process) Armed conflict or war Social conflict

Juke Girl (1942)

A hitchhiker (Ronald Reagan) and a jukebox-joint hostess (Ann Sheridan) are framed for murder in Florida tomato country.

Million Dollar Baby (1941)

The story centers around Pamela McCallister (Lane), an average girl who works in a department store and lives in a boardinghouse in New York. Into her life comes a generous benefactor who gives her a million dollars. Pam is excited at first, buying gifts for her boardinghouse friends, and her son...

Lady with Red Hair (1940)

A messy divorce leaves Mrs. Leslie Carter shunned by Chicago society as an adulteress who is forbidden from having custody of her son. She's determined to return to her hometown in a few years as a success and with enough money to fight to get her son back. In order to realize her plans, she head...

The Tunnel (1933)


The Tunnel (1933)

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The Woman One Longs for (1929)

Marlene Dietrichs last silent movie.