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Dabbs Greer

Dabbs Greer

Birthdate: April 2, 1917

Deathdate: April 28, 2007


The Green Mile (1999)

In a Louisiana nursing home in 1999, Paul Edgecomb begins to cry while watching the film Top Hat. His elderly friend Elaine shows concern for him, and Paul tells her that the film reminded him of when he was a corrections officer in charge of death row inmates at Cold Mountain Penitentiary during...

Runaway Daughters (1994)

Runaway Daughters is a 1994 television film by Joe Dante, a loose remake of an American International Pictures production from 1956, the year in which both the original and the remake are set. Much of the cast of Dante's The Howling is reunited on this film, including Christopher Stone, Dee Walla...

House IV (1992)

Roger Cobb (William Katt) is now married to Kelly (Terri Treas), has a daughter, Laurel (Melissa Clayton), and lives in the old Cobb family house that is located on a deserted and desolate shoreline. Roger's cynical brother-in-law Burke (Scott Burkholder) has been pestering him to sell the family...

Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat (1989)

Under the leadership of their ancient and powerful leader Jozek Mardulak, a colony of vampires seek a peaceful life in the desolate desert town of Purgatory. Key to the transition is the town's artificial-bloodmaking facility and it is just not working. Mardulak summons the human designer of the ...

Two Moon Junction (1988)

April Delongpre (Sherilyn Fenn) is the well-born daughter of a powerful Alabama senator and heiress to an old and respectable Southern family. One summer, while her fiancé Chad Douglas Fairchild (Martin Hewitt) is away on business, April commences an affair with Perry (Richard Tyson), a carnival ...

White Lightning (1973)

Bobby "Gator" McKlusky (Burt Reynolds) is serving time in an Arkansas prison for running moonshine when he learns his younger brother Donny was murdered and that Sheriff J.C Conners (Ned Beatty) was the one behind it. Gator knows the sheriff is taking money from local moonshiners, so he agrees to...

The Cheyenne Social Club (1970)

In 1867, John O'Hanlan (Stewart) and Harley Sullivan (Fonda) are aging cowboys working on open cattle ranges in Texas. O'Hanlan gets a letter from an attorney in Cheyenne, Wyoming, that his disreputable and now deceased brother, DJ, left him something called The Cheyenne Social Club in his will. ...

Roustabout (1964)

Musician Charlie Rogers (Elvis Presley) is fired from a gig at a teahouse run by Lou (Jack Albertson) after brawling with several college students in the parking lot. After a night in jail, Charlie hits the road on his Honda 305 Superhawk motorcycle. He spots Cathy Lean (Joan Freeman) driving wit...

Day of the Outlaw (1959)

Blaise Starrett (Robert Ryan) is a ruthless cattleman at odds with homesteaders in a small, bleak western town in Wyoming called Bitters. A feud develops between Starrett and a local farmer Hal Crane. The farmer's wife Helen (Tina Louise) offers to renew a love affair with Starrett if he promises...

It! The Terror from Beyond Space (1958)

The film opens with a nuclear-powered spaceship perched on the cratered surface of an alien world. A voice-over tells us the year is 1973, that this is the planet Mars, and this spaceship has been sent to rescue the crew of a previous, ill-fated mission to the Red Planet; they have found only one...

I Want to Live! (1958)

The film tells the story of the life and execution of Barbara Graham (Hayward) a prostitute and convicted perjurer. Graham is the product of a broken home, and works luring men into fixed card games. At one point, she attempts to go straight but marries the "wrong man," and has a child. He is a d...

Chain of Evidence (1957)

A police lieutenant fights to prove a boy's innocence after he's accused of murder. The fourth of five Ben Schwab productions that starred Bill Elliott as a detective lieutenant in the L.A. Sheriff's department.

Riot in Cell Block 11 (1954)

One night, several prison inmates take guards prisoner to protest brutal conditions in their prison. They then make their demands known to the Warden. A liberal-minded administrator who has complained for many years about the same conditions. James V. Dunn, the prisoners' leader, meets the press ...

Private Hell 36 (1954)

L.A. police detectives Cal Bruner (Steve Cochran) and Jack Farnham (Howard Duff) get in over their heads when they decide to split up thousands of dollars they found on a recently killed counterfeiter. To make matters worse, they are assigned by their police captain to look for the missing cash. ...

Affair with a Stranger (1953)

On a train, playwright Bill Blakeley fends off the romantic flirtations of Janet Boothe, an actress from his play. But when wife Carolyn decides not to join him, Bill makes a dinner date with Janet, who plants a story with a gossip columnist about the Blakeleys possibly heading for a divorce. Fri...

Trouble Along the Way (1953)

John Wayne portrays a college football coach (Stephen 'Steve' Aloysius Williams) who has been fired from previous jobs for violating rules relating to players' eligibility. Wayne's character is a divorced father of an eleven-year-old tomboy, Carol (Sherry Jackson). Charles Coburn (Father Matthew ...