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Dale Robertson

Dale Robertson

Birthdate: July 14, 1923


Law of the Lawless (1964)

Big Tom Stone runs a Kansas town in 1889. His son Pete is jailed for the murder of a man named Stapleton, and into town to oversee the trial rides the circuit judge, Clem Rogers. Rogers has enemies. Among them are the Johnson brothers, who hold a grudge against the judge, and hired gun Joe Rile,...

Dakota Incident (1956)

Rick Largo and the Banner brothers hold up a bank. Frank is persuaded to shoot brother Johnny by the greedy Largo, so the loot can be split just two ways. Johnny, left for dead, recovers and rides to town. He challenges his brother to a showdown, then spares his life but orders him out of town. H...

Son of Sinbad (1955)

In ancient Baghdad, poet Omar Khayyám wanders the streets in search of his friend, Sinbad, the son and namesake of the great adventurer, and finds him outside the Khalif's palace. Although the Khalif has offered a reward for his capture, the roguish Sinbad ignores Omar's warnings and nonchalantly...

Sitting Bull (1954)

Major Robert Parrish of the 7th Cavalry is considered by some to be his own worst enemy because he's not a "team player". Formerly one of the youngest Colonels in the Union Army during the American Civil War, he is now a company commander under Lt. Colonel (formerly Brevet Major General during th...

The Outcasts of Poker Flat (1952)

Four undesirables run out of a mining town and become marooned in a deserted mountain cabin during a raging snowstorm.

O. Henry's Full House (1952)

O. Henry's Full House is a 1952 American anthology film made by 20th Century Fox, consisting of five separate stories by O. Henry. The film was produced by André Hakim and directed by five separate directors from five separate screenplays. The music score was composed by Alfred Newman. The film i...

Call Me Mister (1951)

Call Me Mister is a 1951 musical film released by Twentieth Century-Fox. The feature was directed by Lloyd Bacon and re-written from the Broadway play version by Albert E. Lewin and Burt Styler. Call Me Mister was shot in Technicolor and CinemaScope, and starred Betty Grable and Dan Dailey and c...

Two Flags West (1950)

In the autumn of 1864, remnants of the Confederate 5th Georgia Cavalry are prisoners of war in the Union prison camp at Rock Island, Illinois. Sick and dying in deplorable conditions, they find a chance for survival when Union Captain Mark Bradford (Cornel Wilde) offers them release from "this st...