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Dan Castellaneta

Dan Castellaneta

Birthdate: October 29, 1957

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Daniel Louis "Dan" Castellaneta (born October 29, 1957) is an American film, theatre and television actor, comedian, voice artist, singer and television writer. Noted for his long-running role as Homer Simpson on the animated television series The Simpsons, he voices many other characters on The Simpsons, including Abraham "Grampa" Simpson, Barney Gumble, Krusty the Clown, G... ...detailed bio


G-Force (2009)

The film revolves around a special team of trained secret agent animals, equipped with advanced tools that allows the mammalian members to talk to humans. The primary field team consists of Darwin (team leader), Juarez (martial arts), Blaster (weapons/transportation), star-nosed mole Speckles (cy...

Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs (2008)

A month after the universe was ripped open in Futurama: Bender's Big Score, people decide to go on with their lives. Amy and Kif get married. Fry starts dating a girl named Colleen, but breaks up with her when he discovers she has many more boyfriends. At a scientific conference, Professor Farns...

Sands of Oblivion (2007)

The film tells the story of a prop from the 1923 movie The Ten Commandments that was actually an authentic artifact from antiquity with cursed powers. In the modern day these resurface leading to murder and mayhem.

The Simpsons Movie (2007)

The film follows the plot of the TV series The Simpsons, focusing on the Simpson family (Homer Simpson, his wife Marge, and children Bart, Lisa and Maggie) and the town of Springfield. While performing on Lake Springfield, rock band Green Day are killed when pollution in the lake dissolves their ...

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)


I-See-You.Com (2006)

Harvey Bellinger (Beau Bridges), his wife Lydia (Rosanna Arquette), and their two teenage kids live a well-to-do life in suburbia. This changes, however, when their seventeen-year-old son puts video cameras around their house, and starts to broadcast the family's actions live on the internet. Whe...

I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With (2006)

Overweight, depressed improv actor James is a Second City cast member in Chicago. He lives with his mother, and cheats on his diet. He quits his acting job on a sleazy television prank show, his girlfriend, Andrea, breaks up with him, and his agent, Herb, dumps him. When he visits his friend's da...

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

In 1981 San Francisco, Chris Gardner (Will Smith) invests his entire life savings in portable bone-density scanners which he demonstrates to doctors and pitches as a handy quantum leap over standard X-rays. While he is able to sell most of them, the time lag between the sales and his growing fina...

Behind the Camera: Charlie's Angels (2004)

A portrayal of life behind the scenes of the original Charlies Angels.

Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade (2003)

=== Episode One: TJ Detweiler vs. the Board of Education === The movie is divided into three different episodes/sections. The first episode begins with the Recess gang starting the fifth grade. At first thought to be the best year ever, they soon discovered otherwise. First, Ms. Finster beco...

The Cat in the Hat (2003)

Conrad and Sally Walden live in the city of Anville with their single mother, Joan. Joan works for neat-freak Hank Humberfloob, and is hosting an office party at her house. One day, she is called back to the office, leaving the kids with Mrs. Kwan, a tired babysitter, and forbidding them to enter...

Return to Never Land (2002)

During the London Blitz of World War II in the 1940s, Peter Pan's former playmate, Wendy Darling, has grown up and married, and has two children: a daughter, Jane; and a son, Danny. Her husband, Edward, is sent to fight in the war. Wendy tries to keep their spirits up with stories of Peter Pan, b...

Hey Arnold!: The Movie (2002)

Arnold and Gerald and their friends are walking back to the boarding house after being beaten by 5th graders at a basketball game. On the way, they see several of their neighbors making a fuss about something, and learn that a man named Scheck, the CEO of a real estate company called Future Tech ...

Recess: School's Out (2001)

School's out at Third Street School, but T.J. is upset because his friends have all decided to go to various camps to plan for their futures. T.J. unhappily rides around town, doing things by himself. He even very reluctantly agrees to hang out with Randall. On his way there, he notices something...

Laughter on the 23rd Floor (2001)

Inspired by Neil Simon's early career experience as a junior writer for Your Show of Shows, the play focuses on Sid Caesar/Jackie Gleason-like Max Prince, the star of a weekly comedy-variety show circa 1953, and his staff, including Simon's alter-ego Lucas Brickman, who maintains a running commen...

Joseph: King of Dreams (2000)

Joseph is the youngest of Jacob's twelve sons and is labeled as a "Miracle Child" since his mother, Rachel, was believed to be barren. Whilst his brothers work the farm, Joseph, in contrast, is doted upon and educated by Jacob, inciting the brothers' jealousy and hatred especially when Joseph beg...

The Settlement (1999)

Dying is a lousy way to make a living

Plump Fiction (1998)

At the start of the movie, Don LaFontaine's voice talks about how Tarantino started a trend of extremely violent movies, and says that the time has come for much more wholesome, life-affirming movies — and he's cut off as someone shoots him. The body of the film contains the following intertwine...

My Giant (1998)

A huckster named Sammy (Billy Crystal) travels to Romania on business. After a disappointment, he crashes his car and is rescued while unconscious by an enormous Romanian man named Max (Gheorghe Mure?an) who is close to 8 feet tall. Once he wakes up and interacts with Max, he sees potential stard...

All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 (1996)

Charlie B. Barkin the German Shepherd (Charlie Sheen) welcomes his friend Itchy Itchiford the Dachshund (Dom DeLuise) to Heaven after the latter choked to death on a chicken drumstick. However, while Itchy embraces paradise, Charlie reveals he has grown bored since his death and wishes to return ...