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David Hillary

David Hillary



Small Apartments (2012)

Franklin Franklin, a hairless eccentric obsessed with Switzerland, lives alone in an apartment complex populated with other eccentrics, including drug-addled Tommy Balls, grouchy old Mr. Allspice, and the young Simone across the way who Franklin sometimes watches thru binoculars. Before the film ...

The Last Word (2008)

An odd-but-gifted poet, Evan Merck (Wes Bentley) makes his living writing suicide notes for the soon-to-be departed. So when he meets Charlotte (Winona Ryder), the free-spirited sister of his latest client, Evan has no choice but to lie about his relationship to her late, lamented brother. Curiou...

Dirty (2005)

Dirty is a raw, hard-edged story of Officer Armando Sancho (Clifton Collins, Jr.), a former Mal Creado ("badly created") gang member who is forced to choose between his conscience and his loyalty. Recruited into an undercover, anti-gang unit of the LAPD, Sancho brings his street smarts onto the f...

Dead Birds (2004)

William (Henry Thomas) is the leader of a group of runaway Confederate soldiers during the American Civil War. With the help of Todd (Isaiah Washington), an escaped slave, and Annabelle, an Army nurse (Nicki Aycox), they stage a robbery at a bank holding a cache of rebel gold. Needing a place to ...

Frankenfish (2004)

Medical examiner Sam Rivers and biologist Mary Callahan travel into the bayou to investigate the mysterious death of a fisherman. Having grown up in the area, Sam is comfortable in his surroundings while Mary is not. They find Elmer noodling for catfish in the swamp canals. With Elmer, Sam and Ma...

This Girl's Life (2003)

Moon (Juliette Marquis) is a down-to-earth young woman who happens to be one of the most popular adult film stars. She finds no fault in using her sexuality as a means of profit. While she is in the process of renewing her contract, her personal life remains a delicate issue as her father (James ...