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Dennis Hopper

Dennis Hopper

Birthdate: May 17, 1936

Deathdate: May 29, 2010

?From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.   Dennis Lee Hopper (May 17, 1936 – May 29, 2010) was an American actor, filmmaker and artist. As a young man, Hopper became interested in acting and eventually became a student of the Actors' Studio. He made his first television appearance in 1954, and appeared in two films featuring James Dean, Rebel Without a Cause (1955) and Giant (1956). During the next 10 years, Hoppe... ...detailed bio


Alpha and Omega (2010)

Kate (Hayden Panettiere) and Humphrey (Justin Long) are two wolves from the same pack in Canada's Jasper National Park but on opposite ends of the social order. Kate, daughter of the main Alpha male Winston (Danny Glover) and his mate Eve (Vicki Lewis), is herself an Alpha and takes her duty to t...

No Subtitles Necessary: Laszlo & Vilmos (2009)

The artistry, triumph and lifelong friendship of the great cinematographers Laszlo Kovacs and Vilmos Zsigmond. With film school equipment, they shoot the Soviet crackdown of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. As refugees they struggle in Hollywood, finally breaking into the mainstream with their pivo...

Elegy (2008)

David Kepesh is a cultural critic and professor, in a state of 'emancipated manhood'. Previously married, he has a son who has never forgiven him for leaving his mother. His relationships with women are usually casual, brief and sexual in nature. His Pulitzer Prize-winning friend, George O'Hearn,...

Sleepwalking (2008)

Sleepwalking is a 2008 dramatic film starring Nick Stahl, AnnaSophia Robb, and Charlize Theron (who also produces the film). It centers around the bonding of a 30-year-old man and his 12-year-old niece after she is abandoned by her mother. The girl is taken in by the state after he loses his job ...

Swing Vote (2008)

In a presidential election set somewhere in the near future, Bud Johnson (Kevin Costner), a lovable loser from Texico, New Mexico, who is coasting through life and hasn't a single political thought in his head, is thrust into an improbable dilemma. In response, he is coaxed by his 12-year-old dau...

The Palermo Shooting (2008)

Palermo Shooting (2008) is a film written and directed by German director Wim Wenders, and starring Campino, Dennis Hopper, Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Lou Reed as himself, and an uncredited Milla Jovovich, also playing herself. The film was released in Germany on 20 November 2008. The film had its U.S...

Bananaz (2008)

Bananaz is a documentary film about the animated music group Gorillaz. It is directed by Ceri Levy.

The Cool School (2008)

How LA Learned to Love Modern Art. A lesson in how a few renegade artists built an art scene from scratch.

The Brothers Warner (2008)

An intimate portrait and saga of four film pioneers--Harry, Albert, Sam and Jack who rose from immigrant poverty through personal tragedies persevering to create a major studio with a social conscience.

Hell Ride (2008)

Larry Bishop stars as biker Pistolero, (named after the original title for Robert Rodriguez’s Desperado) the leader, or "Pres" of the Victors, a Southern California motorcycle gang. He has two faithful lieutenants, The Gent (Michael Madsen) and Comanche (Eric Balfour). In 1976, Cherokee Kisum (J...

An American Carol (2008)

Left-wing activist and filmmaker Michael Malone (Kevin Farley), a parody of Michael Moore, campaigns to end the celebration of the Fourth of July holiday. Malone holds pronounced anti-American views and truculently argues that America's past and present are both offensive, and therefore should no...

The Art of Soccer with John Cleese (2007)

No overview found.

The Holy Modal Rounders: Bound to Lose (2007)

A look back on the weird and wasted career of the Holy Modal Rounders.

10th & Wolf (2006)


Memory (2006)

While lecturing in Brazil, Dr. Taylor Briggs an American authority on memory consults on a patient found deep in the Amazon. During the exam, Taylor is accidentally exposed to a mysterious substance which unlocks a series of memories in his brain. Memories that are not his. The memory of a killer...

Americano (2005)

Americano may refer to Caffè Americano, a style of coffee prepared by adding hot water to espresso Americano Creek, a river in Sonoma County, California The Americano, a 1916 film directed by John Emerson The Americano (1955 film), a 1956 film directed by William Castle Americano (2005 film), a 2...

Inside Deep Throat (2005)

Inside Deep Throat is a 2005 American documentary film about the 1972 pornographic film Deep Throat and its effects on American society. The film discusses how Deep Throat was distributed to theaters. Prints would be hand-delivered and employees would count heads of moviegoers and then collect th...

Land of the Dead (2005)

Three years after a zombie apocalypse, survivors have set up outposts across the United States, one of which, in Pittsburgh, contains a feudal-like government. Bordered on two sides by rivers and on the third by an electric fence, the city has become a sanctuary, with the rich and powerful living...

The Crow: Wicked Prayer (2005)

Jimmy Cuervo (Edward Furlong), paroled after serving a prison sentence for killing a rapist in a fight, lives with his dog in a travel trailer-type mobile home in Lake Ravasu on the Raven Aztec reservation. Jimmy plans to start a new life with his girlfriend, Lily (Emmanuelle Chriqui), and leave ...

House of 9 (2005)

The film opens up with surveillance camera views of a mansion and its rooms; the views alternate among images of nine people being kidnapped. Lea (Kelly Brook), an abductee, wakes up in a bedroom. She notices others in nearby bedrooms, and runs to the main door, bangs at it, and shouts to be let ...