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Derek Francis

Derek Francis

Birthdate: November 7, 1923

Deathdate: March 27, 1984

?From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Derek Francis  (born 7 November 1923 in Brighton - died 27 March 1984 in Wimbledon, London) was an English comedy and character actor. Description above from the Wikipedia article Derek Francis, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia ...detailed bio


The Wicked Lady (1983)

Caroline is to be wed to Sir Ralph and invites her sister Barbara to be her bridesmaid. Barbara seduces Ralph, and marries him herself, but, despite her new wealthy situation, she gets bored and turns to highway robbery for thrills. While on the road she meets a famous highwayman (Jerry Jackson)...

Jabberwocky (1977)

Jabberwocky is a 1977 British fantasy film co-written and directed by Terry Gilliam. It stars Michael Palin as a young cooper who is forced through clumsy, often slapstick misfortunes to hunt a terrible dragon after the death of his father. The name is taken from the nonsense poem "Jabberwocky" i...

To the Devil a Daughter (1976)

Occult writer John Verney (Widmark) is asked by Henry Beddows (Elliot) to pick up his daughter Catherine (Kinski) from the airport. Catherine is a nun with The Children of the Lord, a mysterious Heretic order located in Bavaria and is allowed to come to visit once a year on her birthday. But afte...

Carry On Matron (1972)

Sid Carter (Sid James) is the cunning head of a criminal gang that includes the longhaired drip Ernie Bragg (Bernard Bresslaw), the cheeky Freddy (Bill Maynard) and Sid's son, Cyril (Kenneth Cope). Cyril disguises himself as a new nurse in order to case a maternity hospital and the booty - the ho...

Carry On Abroad (1972)

The film opens with pub landlord and frequent holidaymaker Vic Flange (Sid James) openly flirting with the sassy saucepot, Sadie Tompkins (Barbara Windsor) as his battleaxe wife, Cora (Joan Sims), looks on with disdain. Their twitching friend, Harry (Jack Douglas) arrives and lets slip that the p...

Carry On Henry (1971)

The film opens with a passage, which states: This film is based on a recently discovered manuscript by one William Cobbler, which reveals that Henry VIII did in fact have two more wives. Although it was first thought that Cromwell originated the story, it is now known to be definitely all Cobbler...

Say Hello to Yesterday (1971)

From one of the upper middle class suburbs of London, the Woman, having just quarrelled with her husband is going to London, shopping. Unhappily she drives to the station. Among the crowd as she boards the train is the Boy. He is 22 today. He is bored. He is determined to make the day a different...

Scrooge (1970)

Scrooge is a 1970 musical film adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic 1843 story, A Christmas Carol. It was filmed in London, directed by Ronald Neame, and starred Albert Finney in the title role. The film's musical score was composed by Leslie Bricusse, and arranged and conducted by Ian Fraser. ...

Crossplot (1969)

Roger Moore is Gary Fenn, a talent scout for a London modeling agency who finds the perfect target and calculates the events which mean that only one girl will be good enough for his bosses, a Hungarian Marla Kugash (Lange). He finds her among the anti-war movement in the bohemian depths of swing...

Carry On Camping (1969)

Sid Boggle (Sid James) and his friend Bernie Lugg (Bernard Bresslaw) are partners in a plumbing business. They take their girlfriends, the prudish Joan Fussey (Joan Sims) and meek Anthea Meeks (Dilys Laye), to the cinema to see the film Paradise about a nudist camp. Sid has the idea of the fourso...

What's Good for the Goose (1969)

Timothy Bartlett (Norman Wisdom) leaves his wife and kids to go on a business trip and has an affair with a young woman played by Sally Geeson.

Man of Violence (1969)

Man of Violence is a 1969 British crime film directed by Pete Walker and starring Michael Latimer, Hammer girls Virginia Wetherell (Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde, Demons of the Mind) and Luan Peters (Lust for a Vampire, Twins of Evil), and Derek Aylward. It is also known as Moon. A young man is forc...

Carry On Doctor (1967)

Francis Bigger (Howerd) is a charlatan faith healer, convinced that "mind over matter" is more effective than medical treatment. During a lecture, he stumbles offstage and is admitted to the local hospital. In hospital, he incessantly groans and whines about being "maltreated", demanding better t...

Jules Verne's Rocket to the Moon (1967)

Jules Verne's Rocket to the Moon (US: Rocket to the Moon; aka: Blast Off) is a 1967 British science fiction comedy film directed by Don Sharp and produced by Harry Alan Towers.

Rasputin, the Mad Monk (1966)

The story begins in the Russian countryside, where Rasputin heals the sick wife of an innkeeper (Derek Francis). When he is later hauled before an Orthodox bishop for his sexual immorality and violence, the innkeeper springs to the monk's defence. Rasputin protests that he is sexually immoral bec...

Press for Time (1966)

Norman Shields (Norman Wisdom) is a local newspaper seller in London. He is happy with his current job, but is sent by his grandfather, the Prime Minister (also played by Wisdom), to take up a new job as a newspaper reporter in the fictional seaside town of Tinmouth. During his time in Tinmouth h...

The Tomb of Ligeia (1964)

Verden Fell (Vincent Price) is both mournful and threatened by his first wife's death. He senses her reluctance to die and her near-blasphemous statements about God. Alone and troubled by a vision problem that requires him to wear strange dark glasses, Fell shuns the world. Against his better jud...

The Criminal (1960)

The Criminal is a 1960 British drama film produced by Nat Cohen and directed by Joseph Losey, starring Stanley Baker, Sam Wanamaker and Jill Bennett. Baker plays an ex-con who takes part in the robbery of a racetrack and is caught and sent back to prison. The film depicts a harsh and violent por...