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Diane Varsi

Diane Varsi

Birthdate: February 23, 1938

Deathdate: November 19, 1992

?From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.   Diane Marie Antonia Varsi (February 23, 1938 – November 19, 1992) was an American film actress best known for her performances in Peyton Place – her film debut, and for which she was nominated for an Academy Award – and the cult film Wild in the Streets. She left Hollywood in order to pursue personal and artistic aims, notably at Bennington College in Vermont, where she s... ...detailed bio


I Never Promised You a Rose Garden (1977)

The film was directed by Anthony Page, follows a girl who is ill with cancer and schizophrenia. A doctor is asked to help her out of her state.

The People (1972)

This science fiction film tells the story of Melodye Amerson (Kim Darby), a young teacher who goes to a remote area to work with a group of individuals who have isolated themselves from civilization and maintained an independent community, vaguely similar to the Amish or a religious commune. Melo...

Johnny Got His Gun (1971)

Joe Bonham (Bottoms), a young American soldier hit by an artillery shell during World War I, lies in a hospital bed. He is a quadruple amputee who has also lost his eyes, ears, mouth and nose. He remains conscious and able to reason, but his wounds render him a prisoner in his own body. As he dri...

Bloody Mama (1970)

The film starts as young Kate Barker (Lisa Jill) is brutalized by others, including her father and older brothers. Skipping forward 35 years, the middle-aged Kate 'Ma' Barker (Shelly Winters) brutalizes innocent people and robs banks with her four sons; the pragmatic Arthur (Clint Kimbrough), the...

Wild in the Streets (1968)

Christopher Jones stars as rock singer and aspiring revolutionary Max Frost (born Max Jacob Flatow Jr.; his first public act of violence was blowing up his family's new car). Frost's band The Troopers live together with him, their women, and others in a sprawling Los Angeles mansion. The band inc...

Killers Three (1968)

Killers Three is a motion picture crime drama produced in 1968 by Dick Clark Productions and released by American International Pictures starring Robert Walker, Jr., Diane Varsi and Dick Clark. Others in the cast include Norman Alden, Maureen Arthur, Tony York, Merle Haggard and Bonnie Owens. Thi...

Compulsion (1959)

Artie Strauss and Judd Steiner (Bradford Dillman and Dean Stockwell) kill a boy on his way home from school in order to commit the "perfect crime". Strauss tries to cover it up, but they are caught when police find a key piece of evidence — Steiner's glasses, which he inadvertently leaves at the ...

Ten North Frederick (1958)

In April 1945, outside the titular address in the fictional town of Gibbsville, Pennsylvania, a radio reporter is describing the funeral of distinguished attorney Joseph Chapin. While his shrewish wife Edith delivers his eulogy, daughter Ann thinks back to Joe's fiftieth birthday celebration fiv...

From Hell to Texas (1958)

Tod Lohman is on the run from a posse. The ruthless land baron Hunter Boyd has sent men, including sons Otis and Tom, in pursuit of Tod for having killed another son. Otis Boyd stampedes horses toward Tod, but gunshots drive them in the opposite direction and Otis is trampled instead. Tod then ge...

Peyton Place (1957)

The film is an exposé of the lives and loves of the residents of a small New England mill town, where scandal, homicide, suicide, incest, and moral hypocrisy hide behind a tranquil façade in the years immediately preceding and following World War II. At the core of its plot are three women. Const...