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Don Beddoe

Don Beddoe

Birthdate: July 1, 1903

Deathdate: January 19, 1991


Generation (1969)

Jim Bolton, a well-off businessman from Chicago hears that his daughter Doris is pregnant in New York. Since he did not even know she was seeing anyone he fears the worst. Unbeknownst to him, his daughter and the father of his grandchild, Walter marry shortly before Jim's arrival in New York. Upo...

The Impossible Years (1968)

Trouble in suburbia: psychiatrist's teenage daughter gets arrested for demonstrating on a college campus--holding a sign with a "dirty word" written on.

Papa's Delicate Condition (1963)

Papa's Delicate Condition is a 1963 comedy film starring Jackie Gleason and Glynis Johns. It was an adaptation of the Corinne Griffith memoir of the same name, about her father and growing up in Texarkana, Texas.Jimmy Van Heusen (music) and Sammy Cahn (lyrics) won an Academy Award for Best Song f...

Jack the Giant Killer (1962)

"Jack the Giant-killer" is an English fairy tale. Jack the Giant Killer may also refer to: Jack, the Giant Killer, a novel by Charles De Lint Jack the Giant Killer (1962 film), a film adaptation of the fairy tale starring Kerwin Mathews Jack the Giant Slayer, originally titled Jack the Giant Kill...

Behind the High Wall (1956)

A group prison breakout goes from bad to worse when the desperate warden tries to steal the gang's dough.

The Night of the Hunter (1955)

The film is set in 1930s West Virginia, along the Ohio River. Ben Harper is sentenced to hang for his part in a robbery in which two men were killed. Before he is caught he hides the stolen money, trusting only his son John, the film's protagonist, with the money's location. John has a much young...

Loophole (1954)

The film tells the story of bank teller Mike Donovan (Sullivan) who failed to report a $49,000 shortage from his drawer. He's accused of theft and quickly fired from his job. He is then prevented from finding other employment by insurance investigator Gus Slavin (McGraw), who is convinced Donovan...

Wyoming Renegades (1954)

Brady Sutton (Phil Carey), a former member of the "Hole in the Wall" gang, wants to go straight. He returns to his hometown, Broken Bow, and sweetheart Nancy Warren (Martha Hyer), to set up a blacksmith business. At the bank he sees one of the Hole in the Wall gang casing the joint. He warns the ...

River of No Return (1954)

Set in the Northwestern United States in 1875, the film focuses on taciturn widower Matt Calder (Mitchum), who recently has been released from prison after serving time for killing a man while defending another one. He arrives in a tent city in search of his ten-year-old son Mark (Tommy Rettig), ...

The Clown (1953)

Dodo the Clown is a funny man with a serious drinking problem. His son Dink is amused by Dodo's act, but not so the circus owner who dismisses Dodo for having insulted a paying customer. Dodo also ruins a job audition by turning up drunk. Dink asks if Dodo's old agent, Goldie Goldenson, can help....

The System (1953)

A gambling boss is pressured by the law and press when a crusade is started against him after one of his collectors becomes a killer.

The Company She Keeps (1952)

A lady con artist sets out to steal her parole officer's fiance.

The Narrow Margin (1952)

Detective Sergeant Walter Brown (Charles McGraw) of the Los Angeles Police Department and his partner are assigned to protect a mob boss's widow, Mrs. Frankie Neall (Marie Windsor), as she rides a train from Chicago to Los Angeles to testify before a grand jury, bringing with her a payoff list be...

The Iron Mistress (1952)

The Iron Mistress is a 1952 film starring Alan Ladd as Jim Bowie. It ends with his marriage to Ursula de Veramendi and does not deal with Bowie's death at the Battle of the Alamo. It was the first film Ladd made at Warner Bros after spending a decade at Paramount Pictures.

Don't Bother to Knock (1952)

Lyn Lesley (Anne Bancroft), the bar singer at New York's McKinley Hotel, wonders if airline pilot Jed Towers (Richard Widmark) will show up. She had ended their six-month relationship with a letter. When Jed does register at the hotel, she explains that she sees no future with him because he lack...

The Unknown Man (1951)

Defense attorney Dwight Bradley Masen is successful in seeking the acquittal of a young man, Rudi Walchek, accused of knifing to death the 19-year-old son of a local locksmith, but when Rudi lets a comment slip after the trial, Masen realizes he has defended a guilty man. Masen discovers that Rud...

The Enforcer (1951)

The action is set in an unnamed American city and is told mainly in flashback, and flashbacks within flashback.

Woman in Hiding (1950)

Deborah Chandler Clark watches police drag a North Carolina river for her body. She recounts the events that brought her to this, beginning when her father, a mill owner, disapproved of a romance between Deborah and the mill's general manager, Seldon Clark. Her father falls to his death at the mi...

Caged (1950)

A married 19-year-old (played by Eleanor Parker) named Marie Allen is sent to prison, after a botched armed robbery attempt with her equally young husband, Tom (who is killed). While receiving her prison physical, she finds out that she is two months pregnant. Despite the hardships she is put thr...

The Crime Doctor's Diary (1949)

A criminal psychologist tries to clear his patient of arson charges.