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Don Murray

Don Murray

Birthdate: July 31, 1929

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Donald Patrick "Don" Murray (born July 31, 1929) is an American actor. Murray was born in Hollywood, California. He attended East Rockaway High School (class of 1947) in East Rockaway, New York where he played football and track, was a member of the student government and glee club and joined the Alpha Phi Chapter of the Omega Gamma Delta Fraternity. From high school he went... ...detailed bio


Ghosts Can't Do It (1989)

Scott and Kate are happily married although there is a 30 year age difference between them. After Scott suffers a heart attack and is unable to make love, he commits suicide and becomes a ghost that only Kate can see and speak with. To make it possible for Scott to return as a human, they conjure...

Hollywood Uncensored (1987)

Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and Peter Fonda host an examination of the history of decency standards for movies from the early 1920s onwards.

Made in Heaven (1987)

In a small Pennsylvania town in 1957, Mike Shea (Hutton) dreams of escaping small town life and moving to California with his girlfriend Brenda Carlucci. But Brenda leaves him with his motor running and Mike takes off alone. Along the way, he rescues a woman and her children from a river but peri...

The Stepford Children (1987)

Laura and Steven Harding (Barbara Eden and Don Murray) move with their children to the town of Stepford, Connecticut where Steven had lived with his first wife who had died mysteriously. While Laura is occupied with passing the Bar Exam, Steven is disturbed by their children, athletic but unfocus...

Radioactive Dreams (1986)

A nuclear war breaks out in 1996, expending the world's entire nuclear arsenal, except for one missile. Two children, Philip Chandler (John Stockwell) and Marlowe Hammer (Michael Dudikoff), are abandoned by their fathers in a fallout shelter cut into the side of a wooded mountain. The pair grow u...

Peggy Sue Got Married (1986)

Peggy Sue Bodell (Kathleen Turner) sets off for her 25-year high school reunion, albeit hesitantly, with her daughter, Beth (Helen Hunt), coming along as company. Peggy Sue has just separated from her former high school sweetheart, now husband, Charlie (Nicolas Cage), and is wary of attending the...

License to Kill (1984)

License to Kill is a 1984 television film directed by Jud Taylor. It stars James Farentino and Penny Fuller.

Endless Love (1981)

In suburban Chicago, teenagers Jade Butterfield (Brooke Shields) and David Axelrod (Martin Hewitt) fall in love after they are introduced by Jade's brother Keith (James Spader). Jade's family is known in their community for a bohemian lifestyle, allowing them to develop an all-consuming and passi...

The Boy Who Drank Too Much (1980)

Baio stars as Buff Saunders, a teen hockey player well-liked and respected among his coaches and teammates. He battles to hide the truth from his elders and peers—that, like his father, he is an alcoholic. He struggles to remain clean and sober in order not to lose his position on the team and th...

Deadly Hero (1976)

Officer Lacy (played by Don Murray) is an 18-year veteran of the New York Police Department who finds himself demoted from detective back to patrol duty for his violent tendencies and trigger-happy behavior. Responding to a call on Manhattan's West Side, he finds a young musician named Sally (Dia...

The Girl on the Late, Late Show (1974)

A television producer may have set off a string of murders when he investigates the location of an ageing former movie star.

Justin Morgan Had a Horse (1972)

This is the story of the foundation sire of the Morgan Horse Breed.

Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (1972)

The opening titles set the film in "North America – 1991." Armando (Ricardo Montalbán) explains that in 1983 (ten years after the end of Escape from the Planet of the Apes, which was set two years ahead of its theatrical release date), a disease killed the world's cats and dogs, leaving humans wi...

Happy Birthday, Wanda June (1971)

The opening of this play is "This is a simple-minded play about men who enjoy killing, and those who don't." Big game hunter and war hero Harold Ryan returns home to America, after having been presumed dead for several years. During the war he killed over 200 men and women, and countless more ani...

The Cross and the Switchblade (1970)

A film adaptation of a book written in 1963.

Daughter of the Mind (1969)

At the request of a colleague (Ivor Barry), psychologist and ESP researcher Alex Lauder (Don Murray) investigates a leading cybernetic expert's (Dr. Samuel Constable, played by Ray Milland) report that he has seen and spoken with his young daughter, Mary (Pamelyn Ferdin) — who died 13 weeks befor...

The Borgia Stick (1967)

The Borgia Stick is a 1967 American TV film starring Don Murray and Inger Stevens. It featured Fritz Weaver, Barry Nelson, Barnard Hughes, Conrad Bain, and Sorrell Booke in supporting roles, and was directed by David Lowell Rich. Shot in New York City, the film was one of the highest-rated events...

The Viking Queen (1967)

According to her father's wishes, Queen Salinas agrees to share the rule of Icena with Justinian, a Roman. This decision angers both the bloodthirsty Druids and Romans less just than Justinian. As the two rulers fall in love, the Druids and the Romans begin to plot their downfall. It's not long b...

Kid Rodelo (1966)

You just don't mess around with a man like... Kid Rodelo.

Baby the Rain Must Fall (1965)

Georgette Thomas and her six-year-old daughter Margaret Rose travel to a small southern Texas town to meet her irresponsible rockabilly singer/guitarist husband, Henry Thomas, when he is released from prison after serving time for stabbing a man during a drunken brawl. He tries to make a home for...