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Don Sharp

Don Sharp

Birthdate: April 19, 1921

Deathdate: December 14, 2011


Tears in the Rain (1988)

Jessie Cantrell's dying wish is that her daughter, Casey, personally take a letter to Lord Richard Bredon who lives in the UK. Though confused by this turn of events, Casey nonetheless sets off from her home in America to fulfill this last request. After a failed attempt to find him at his countr...

A Woman of Substance (1984)

A Woman of Substance charts the life of Emma Harte, from kitchen maid at the beginning of the 20th Century, to respected business woman and Grandmother in the 1980's. From humble beginnings Emma Harte starts her business with a small shop, but over the next twenty years she expands her stores and...

What Waits Below (1983)

The US military is running a test for a special type of radio transmitter, to be used to communicate with submarines, in a deep system of underground caves in Central America. When the signal from one of the transmitters suddenly disappears, a team of soldiers led by Major Elbert Stevens (Bottoms...

The Thirty Nine Steps (1980)

In 1914, German spies are everywhere. After a spate of assassinations of important British politicians, a retired British intelligence officer, Colonel Scudder, realises his life and his mysterious black notebook are in danger. He turns to Richard Hannay, a mining engineer who is visiting Britain...

Bear Island (1979)

A UN expedition of scientists from different countries come to barren arctic Bear Island, between Svalbard and northern Norway, to study climate change. However, several of them turn out to be more interested in the fact that (according to the film) there was a German U-boat base on the island du...

Dark Places (1977)

Dr. Mandeville (Christopher Lee) and his wife Sarah (Joan Collins) try to locate two suitcases of money hidden on a large estate of one of his former patients by posing as a potential heir. Also at the estate is mentally unstable Andrew (Robert Hardy), who begins to have flashbacks to the murders...

Hennessy (1975)

After the death of his family during a riot in Belfast, Niall Hennessy comes up with a plan to blow up the British Houses of Parliament.

Callan (1974)

David Callan (Edward Woodward), a leading intelligence agent/assassin in the employment of S.I.S., was forced into retirement due to him losing his nerve. Now, Callan is called back into service to handle the assassination of Schneider, a German businessman. Colonel Hunter (Eric Porter), his form...

Psychomania (1973)

Tom Latham enjoys riding his motorcycle with his girlfriend and loves his mother, but he is no ordinary fellow. He is an amiable teen psychopath, clearly modeled on Alex of A Clockwork Orange fame. Like Alex, he has an unusual pet (a toad) and a distinctive catch phrase, "hello, little green frie...

Puppet on a Chain (1971)

Puppet on a Chain is a 1971 British thriller film directed by Geoffrey Reeve and starring Sven-Bertil Taube, Barbara Parkins and Alexander Knox. It is based on the novel Puppet on a Chain by Alastair MacLean.

A Taste of Excitement (1970)

A man has been killed on the Dover/Boulogne car ferry. What is the connection between him and the attempts being made to kill Jane Kerrell, a young girl in her early twenties? As she speeds through the French countryside to the South of France, several attempts are made on her life as she is deli...

Jules Verne's Rocket to the Moon (1967)

Jules Verne's Rocket to the Moon (US: Rocket to the Moon; aka: Blast Off) is a 1967 British science fiction comedy film directed by Don Sharp and produced by Harry Alan Towers.

The Violent Enemy (1967)

During the troubles in Ireland an IRA bomb plot is hatched to blow up a British power station. Sean Rogan (Tom Bell) is an IRA bomb expert and escapes from prison to try and stop the destruction.

Our Man in Marrakesh (1966)

One of six travellers who catch the bus from Casablanca airport to Marrakesh is carrying $2 million to pay a local operator to fix United Nations votes. But which one?

The Brides of Fu Manchu (1966)

The Brides of Fu Manchu is a 1966 British/German Constantin Film co-production adventure crime film based on the fictional Asian villain Fu Manchu, created by Sax Rohmer. It was the second film in a series, and was preceded by The Face of Fu Manchu. The Vengeance of Fu Manchu followed in 1967, Th...

Rasputin, the Mad Monk (1966)

The story begins in the Russian countryside, where Rasputin heals the sick wife of an innkeeper (Derek Francis). When he is later hauled before an Orthodox bishop for his sexual immorality and violence, the innkeeper springs to the monk's defence. Rasputin protests that he is sexually immoral bec...

The Face of Fu Manchu (1965)

A ghostly execution of world mastermind criminal Fu Manchu is witnessed by arch-nemesis Nayland Smith. Back in England, however, it is increasingly apparent that Fu Manchu is still operating. Smith is quick to detect that the execution he witnessed was that of a double, an actor hypnotised into t...

Curse of the Fly (1965)

Martin Delambre (Baker) is driving to Montreal one night when he sees a young girl running in her underwear by the name of Patricia Stanley (Gray). They fall in love and are soon married. However, they both hold secrets: she has recently escaped from a mental asylum; he and his father Henri (Donl...

The Devil-Ship Pirates (1964)

A pirate ship, fighting in 1588 on the side of the Spanish Armada, suffers extensive damage and must put into a village on the British coast for repairs. The village is small and isolated and the Spanish convince the villagers that the English fleet has been defeated and that they, the Spanish, a...

Witchcraft (1964)

When her grave is disturbed by modern-day land developers, a 300-year-old witch is accidentally resurrected and terrorizes an English village.