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Edison Chen

Edison Chen

Birthdate: October 7, 1980

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Edison Koon-Hei Chen (born 7 October 1980) is a Hong Kong-based Chinese Canadian film actor, rapper, Cantopop singer, model, record producer, fashion designer, and a pop icon. Chen is also the founder of CLOT Inc., and the CEO of Clot Media Division Limited. His native language is English, he is able to speak and sing Cantonese and Mandarin and also speaks conversational Jap... ...detailed bio


Almost Perfect (2011)


Sniper (2009)

Hartman Fong (Richie Ren) succeeds Shane (Bowie Lam) as the leader of Hong Kong's Special Duties Unit Sniper Team. Hartman who is by-the-book and hierarchical, got the job despite being the second best shooter in team history. The best was Hartman's former teammate Lincoln (Huang Xiaoming), whose...

Coweb (2009)

Coweb (simplified Chinese: ?·??; traditional Chinese: ?·??) is a 2009 Hong Kong martial arts film directed by Xiong Xin Xin. It is Xiong Xin Xin's debut as a director in this film starring newcomer Jiang Lui Xia, Sam Lee, and Eddie Cheung.

The Dark Knight (2008)

In Gotham City, The Joker and his accomplices rob a mob-owned bank. The accomplices kill each other off one by one in a sequence masterminded by the Joker, who escapes alone with all the money. Batman and Lt. Jim Gordon decide to include the new district attorney, Harvey Dent, in their plan to er...

Dog Bite Dog (2006)

A young Cambodian man who has been trained to fight for money in his country is hired to kill someone in Hong Kong. He performs the hit and then flees from Hong Kong police, who are wrestling with internal problems of a model cop and his son, who is also on the force and who was told by his dad n...

The Grudge 2 (2006)

As with the second movie film, the second focuses on the cursed house of the Saeki family. The curse was born when Takeo Saeki murdered his wife Kayako Saeki, son Toshio Saeki and the family cat Mar before being hanged by Kayako's vengeful Onry? (in the first film he was considered to have done i...

Initial D (2005)

Taking place in the Gunma prefecture in Japan, the film concerns a young tofu-delivery driver named Takumi Fujiwara, trained from a young age and way before he could drive to deliver tofu to the peak of Mt Akina and unknown. He had been trained to an incredible level of skill in taking on the fiv...

Moving Targets (2004)

Kit comes from a very fortunate family, with an outstanding police officer father When the family starts to break up, Man impulsively shot Kit's mother. After Kit's parents divorced, Kit viewed Man his father as an enemy. As an adult, he vowed to become a police officer, and to join Man's team, h...

The Twins Effect II (2004)

The film is set in Flower Capital, a land ruled by an evil queen (Qu Ying), who started hating men after her lover, High Priest Wei Liao (Daniel Wu), betrayed her. All men in the kingdom are slaves to women. However, a prophecy foretells that one day, the Star of Rex will find and wield a mythic ...

A-1 Headline (2004)

A-1, (international name : A-1 Headline or Chinese name : A1?? or A1 tou tiao) is a 2004 Hong Kong thriller film directed by Gordon Chan and Kai Cheung Chung and produced by Fruit Chan.

Jiang Hu (2004)

Jiang Hu tells two stories simultaneously. The first is about a gang leader, Mr. Hung (played by Andy Lau), and the tensions that arise between him and his old friend and second-in-command, Lefty (played by Jacky Cheung), due to Mr. Hung's wife's recent childbirth. Now that Hung is with a child, ...

The Twins Effect (2003)

An evil vampire duke seeks to kill and collect the blood of a royal family of European vampires in order to become all powerful. The last surviving member of the family, Prince Kazaf, flees to Hong Kong with his servant Prada. There, they are introduced by estate agent Momoko to live in an abando...

Infernal Affairs III (2003)

Infernal Affairs III uses parallel storytelling, flashing between the past and the present.

The Medallion (2003)

Eddie Yang (Jackie Chan) is a Hong Kong police officer cooperating with Interpol in the capture of a crime lord named AJ "Snakehead" Staul (Julian Sands). Snakehead procures an ancient book from a Chinese bookstore keeper, which tells the story of a boy being chosen every thousand years to bind t...

Infernal Affairs II (2003)

=== Act 1 === The film opens in 1991. Inspector Wong Chi-shing is discussing the death of his first partner with Hon Sam, the triad boss in the first film. At this point, Hon is a member of Ngai Kwun's triad family, and is also working as Wong's informant. Carrying a nondescript paper bag, Lau ...

Jackie Chan Presents Gen-Y Cops (2002)

When terrorists abduct a deadly government attack robot, the call is put out to the Gen-Y Cops, an elite task force with lethal fighting skills. Together with a trigger-happy FBI agent, the Gen-Y Cops race against time to destroy the robot before it destroys their city.

Princess D (2002)

review by LoveHkFilm.com: Joker (Daniel Wu) is a computer programmer working on a 3-D adventure game starring a virtual idol. Stuck for inspiration, he ends up finding it in Ling (Angelica Lee Sum-Kit AKA: Sinjie), a bartender at a dance club. While in a drug-induced stupor, Joker imagines Ling t...

Infernal Affairs (2002)

Infernal Affairs focuses on a police officer named Chan Wing-yan (Tony Leung), who goes undercover into a triad, and a triad member Lau Kin-ming Andy Lau, who infiltrates the police department. Each mole was planted by the rival organisation to gain an advantage in intelligence over the other sid...

Dead or Alive 2: Birds (2000)

Two contract killers cross paths on the same job and realize they are childhood friends. Together they take a break from killing and visit the small island they once called home. After reflecting on their past lives they decide to team up and use their talents in killing for good... upsetting the...