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Edward Lewis

Edward Lewis



The Fixer (2008)

It is the story of a man named Yakov Bok, a Jew living in the Russian Empire, who was unjustly imprisoned based on prejudice and the charge of having committed blood libel. It was based on the incidents of the Beilis Trial in 1913, in which Menahem Mendel Beilis was wrongly accused of having murd...

Crackers (1984)

The action is set in San Francisco during the 1980s. Weslake, who was laid off from his job, is working in a low-paying position at Garvey's pawn shop. Weslake has one friend nicknamed 'Turtle' who's homeless and is seen throughout the whole film searching for something to eat. One day, Dillard, ...

Missing (1982)

The film opens with Costa-Gavras' statement that the events of the film are true. Set largely during the days and weeks following Horman's disappearance, the movie depicts his father and wife searching to determine his fate. It is based on a book that was first published under the title The Execu...

The Horsemen (1971)

The Horsemen is a 1971 film starring Omar Sharif, directed by John Frankenheimer; screenplay by Dalton Trumbo. Based on a novel by French writer Joseph Kessel, Les Cavaliers (The Horsemen) shows Afghanistan and its people the way they were before the wars that wracked the country, particularly th...

I Walk the Line (1970)

Henry Tawes is an aging sheriff in small-town Tennessee who is becoming bored with his wife Ellen and his life. He meets young Alma McCain and is drawn to her, even though she isn't even half his age. Alma seduces him, then persuades Tawes to provide protection for her father Carl McCain, who mak...

The Gypsy Moths (1969)

A skydiving team called the Gypsy Moths visits a small town in Kansas to put on a show: the leader is Mike Rettig (Lancaster), accompanied by his partners, Joe Browdy (Hackman) and Malcolm Webson (Scott Wilson). The skydivers stay at the home of Malcolm's uncle and aunt, John and Elizabeth Brand...

The Big Gundown (1966)

Impressed by Corbett's (Van Cleef) unexcelled reputation of bringing criminals to justice and execution without question, a local powerbroker named Mr. Brockston (Walter Barnes) meets Corbett. Brockston offers Corbett his backing to run as a senator in exchange for tracking down Cuchillo, the rap...

Grand Prix (1966)

The story follows the fate of four Formula One drivers through a fictionalised version of the 1966 Formula One season: Jean-Pierre Sarti (Ferrari) (played by Montand) – a Frenchman, previously twice world champion, nearing the end of his racing career. Pete Aron (formerly from Ferrari, then BRM...

Seconds (1966)

Arthur Hamilton (John Randolph) is a middle-aged man whose life has lost purpose. He has achieved success in his career, but finds it unfulfilling. His love for his wife of many years has dwindled. His only child is married and he seldom sees her. Through a friend, a man he thought was dead, Hami...

Seven Days in May (1964)

US military leaders plot to overthrow the President because he supports a nuclear disarmament treaty and they fear a Soviet sneak attack.

The List of Adrian Messenger (1963)

A writer named Adrian Messenger (John Merivale) believes a series of apparently unrelated "accidental" deaths are actually linked murders. He asks his friend Anthony Gethryn (George C. Scott), recently retired from MI5, to help clear up the mystery. However, Messenger's plane is bombed while he i...

Lonely Are the Brave (1962)

John W. "Jack" Burns (Kirk Douglas) works as a roaming ranch hand much as the cowboys of the old West did, refusing to join modern society. He rejects much of modern technology, not even carrying any identification such as a driver's license or draft card. He can't provide an address because he j...

The Last Sunset (1961)

Brendan O'Malley (Douglas) crosses the border into Mexico to escape justice for a murder. He arrives at the ranch of a former lover, Belle Breckenridge (Malone) and her husband, the drunkard and coward John Breckenridge (Joseph Cotten). O'Malley meets her daughter Melissa (Carol Lynley). He is im...

Spartacus (1960)

In the 1st century BC, the Roman Republic has slid into corruption, its menial work done by armies of slaves. One of these, a proud and gifted man named Spartacus, is so uncooperative in his servitude that he is sentenced to fight as a gladiator. He is trained at a school run by the unctuous Roma...

The Admiral Was a Lady (1950)

She's in for a wild ride, when Jean Madison (Wanda Hendrix), a WAVE ensign, meets the crew of an Army Air Corps A-20 Havoc light bomber named Cynthia. The men are living high as members of the "52-20 club," a program in which unemployed American veterans receive $20 unemployment benefits for 52 w...

The Lovable Cheat (1949)

in France back in 1860, a gentleman by the name of Claude Mercadet, lived in grandeur with his wife Pauline and his daughter Julie in a very well decorated mansion in the Bois de Bologne. Claude was one of the wealthiest men around Paris. unfortunately he was a fraud, and he had been running up b...