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Eloise Jensson

Eloise Jensson



Tron (1982)

Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) is a software engineer formerly employed by ENCOM. He had designed several video games, only to have another engineer, Ed Dillinger (David Warner) steal them and pass them off as his own. Dillinger was ultimately promoted to chief executive, and fired Flynn soon afterwa...

Diplomatic Courier (1952)

Mike Kells is assigned by the State Department to fly to Salzburg and meet his old friend Sam Carew, who will pass a top-secret document to him. A passenger on the plane, Joan Ross, takes a liking to Mike and expresses a desire to see him again. Carew ignores him because he is apparently being t...

The Man Who Cheated Himself (1950)

Wealthy socialite Lois Frazer, divorcing her husband, Howard, finds a gun he's bought. She kills him with it in front of the new man in her life, Lt. Ed Cullen, a homicide detective with the San Francisco police. The twice-married Lois manages to manipulate Cullen into disposing of the murder wea...