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Erich Maria Remarque

Erich Maria Remarque


Deathdate: September 25, 1970

Erich Maria Remarque was a German novelist born on 22nd June 1898. ...detailed bio


Arch of Triumph (1984)

Ravic (Anthony Hopkins), is an Austrian doctor who helped Jews escape from the Nazi regime. He was tortured in a concentration camp. In 1939 he is living in Paris, under a false name and without any documents, constantly aware of the risk of being arrested. At night, on one of Paris bridges over ...

All Quiet on the Western Front (1979)

The film follows Paul Baumer, who during World War I enlists in the Imperial German Army with many of his high school friends, after being indoctrinated by their teacher (Donald Pleasence) as to the glory and superiority of German culture. After surviving training camp under the brutal Corporal H...

Bobby Deerfield (1977)

Formula One auto racer Bobby Deerfield is a calculating, control-obsessed loner who has become used to winning the checkered flag on the track. But after he witnesses a fiery crash that kills a teammate and seriously wounds a competitor, Deerfield becomes unsettled by the spectre of death. During...

A Time to Love and a Time to Die (1959)

Ernst Graeber is a German soldier stationed on the Eastern Front during the war's last days. He and fellow soldiers Steinbrenner and Hirschland are ordered to kill Russian civilians, but Hirschland commits suicide instead. Given his first furlough in two years, Ernst returns home to find his vill...

Arch of Triumph (1948)

Pre-World War II Paris is crowded with illegal refugees, trying to evade deportation. One of them is Dr. Ravic (Charles Boyer), who under a false name practices medicine illegally, helping other refugees. He saves Joan Madou (Ingrid Bergman) from committing suicide after the sudden death of her l...

Three Comrades (1938)

Three Comrades 1938 is a drama film directed by Frank Borzage and produced by Joseph L. Mankiewicz for MGM. The screenplay is by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Edward E. Paramore Jr., and was adapted from the novel Three Comrades by Erich Maria Remarque (also considered the loose basis for The Deer Hunt...

All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)

The film opens in a boys' high school in Germany at the beginning of World War I. The instructor, Kantorek, gives an impassioned speech about the glory of serving in the Army and "saving the Fatherland". Almost to a man, the young men are moved to join the army. The young enlistees are shown in b...