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Ernest Truex

Ernest Truex

Birthdate: September 19, 1889

Deathdate: June 26, 1973


All Mine to Give (1957)

Robert and Mamie Eunson (Cameron Mitchell and Glynis Johns) are Scots who have just landed in America (the year is 1856), having been invited there by Mamie's uncle. They arrive in the tiny logging village of Eureka, only to be informed that both uncle and his cabin have been incinerated in a hou...

The Girl from Manhattan (1948)

A New York model (Dorothy Lamour) foils a developer who covets her minister uncle's (George Montgomery) church site.

Life with Blondie (1945)

No overview found.

Private Buckaroo (1942)

Entertainer Lon Prentice initially is keen to enlist in the US Army but is prevented due to have one flat foot. Having the flat fixed, he is accepted for enlistment. Soon after basic training begins, Private Prentice informs his commanding officer he finds most military training useless, unnecess...

His Girl Friday (1940)

Walter Burns (Cary Grant) is a hard-boiled editor for The Morning Post who learns his ex-wife and former star reporter, Hildegard "Hildy" Johnson (Rosalind Russell), is about to marry bland insurance man Bruce Baldwin (Ralph Bellamy) and settle down to a quiet life as a wife and mother in Albany...

Christmas in July (1940)

Dr. Maxford (Raymond Walburn) is thoroughly exasperated; he is supposed to announce on nationwide radio the winners of a contest to pick a new slogan for his Maxford House Coffee, with a first prize of $25,000, but his jury is deadlocked by one stubborn man, Mr. Bildocker (William Demarest). As a...

It's a Wonderful World (1939)

Private detective Guy Johnson (Stewart) is well paid to watch over Willie Heywood (Ernest Truex), a wealthy man who likes to drink a bit too much and gets into trouble as a result. However, when Heywood's recent ex-girlfriend Dolores Gonzalez (Cecilia Callejo) makes a public nuisance of herself o...

The Adventures of Marco Polo (1938)

Nicolo Polo shows treasures from China and sends his son Marco Polo (Gary Cooper) there with his assistant (and comic relief) Binguccio (Ernest Truex). They sail from Venice, are shipwrecked, and cross the desert of Persia and the mountains of Tibet to China, to seek out Peking and the palace of ...