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Estelle Winwood

Estelle Winwood

Birthdate: January 24, 1883

Deathdate: June 20, 1984


Murder by Death (1976)

A group of detectives, each accompanied by a relative or associate, is invited to "dinner and a murder" by the mysterious Lionel Twain. Having lured his guests to his mansion (the address of which is shown early on as "22 Lola Lane" and spoken later as "Two-Two Twain") managed by a blind butler a...

The Producers (1968)

Max Bialystock (Zero Mostel) is a washed-up, aging Broadway producer who ekes out a living romancing lascivious wealthy elderly women in exchange for money for his next play. Nebbish accountant Leo Bloom (Gene Wilder) arrives at Bialystock's office to do his books and discovers there is a two tho...

Games (1967)

Paul (James Caan) and Jennifer (Katharine Ross) are a pair of wealthy but blasé Upper East Side New York socialites with an attitude sometimes accompanying the overprivileged: a propensity to amuse themselves in a bizarre, chic, and upscale fashion, in this case playing socialite games for their ...

Dead Ringer (1964)

At the funeral of her husband Frank, wealthy widow Margaret Da Lorca (Bette Davis), meets her twin sister, Edith Phillips (also played by Davis), from whom she has been estranged for years. We learn that the sisters fell out over Margaret's marriage to Da Lorca, who originally courted Edith but h...

The Notorious Landlady (1962)

When American diplomat William Gridley (Lemmon) arrives in London, he rents part of Carly Hardwicke's (Novak) house from her and promptly begins to fall in love. Gridley doesn't know that many people think she killed Miles Hardwick, her British husband, as he has disappeared, but without a body, ...

The Magic Sword (1962)

Sir George (Gary Lockwood) is the foster son of Sybil (Estelle Winwood), an elderly sorceress. Not much is said about his background other than that his "royal parents died of the plague" in his infancy. He is secretly in love with Princess Helene (Anne Helm), who is kidnapped early in the film b...

The Cabinet of Caligari (1962)

Motorist Jane Lindstrom has a blowout and seeks assistance at an estate owned by Caligari, a very polite man with a German accent. After spending the night she finds that Caligari will not let her leave; he proceeds to ask some personal questions and shows her disgusting pictures. Prevented by gu...

The Misfits (1961)

In Reno, Nevada, Roslyn Tabor (Monroe), a beautiful new divorcée, meets aging cowboy Gay Langland (Gable). Guido (Wallach) and Gay invite Roslyn and her friend Isabelle Steers (Ritter) to Guido's place in the country to help her forget about the divorce. They arrive at the half-finished house Gui...

Darby O'Gill and the Little People (1959)

In the small Irish town of Rathcullen, County Kerry, Darby O'Gill (Albert Sharpe) is the aging caretaker of Lord Fitzpatrick's (Walter Fitzgerald) estate, where he lives in the nearby gatehouse with his lovely, almost grown, daughter Katie (Janet Munro). Darby spends most of his time in the town ...

The Swan (1956)

The film deals with the story of the daughter of a minor branch of a European royal house who is being considered as a wife for her cousin, the heir to the throne. Princess Alexandra (Grace Kelly) is the princess, her cousin the crown prince, Albert, is played by Alec Guinness, and her brothers' ...

23 Paces to Baker Street (1956)

23 Paces to Baker Street is a 1956 American drama film released by 20th Century Fox. It stars Van Johnson and Vera Miles. The Hitchcockian mystery thriller, filmed in Cinemascope on location in London, focuses on Philip Hannon, a blind playwright who overhears a partial conversation he believes i...

Quality Street (1937)

In 1805 England, eligible bachelors are scarce on Quality Street. Twenty-year-old Phoebe Throssel (Hepburn) becomes very hopeful when one of the few, Dr. Valentine Brown (Tone), tells her he has something important to say to her that day. Both she and her older sister Susan believe he will propos...