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Fele Martínez

Fele Martínez

Birthdate: February 22, 1975

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fele Martínez (born Rafael Martínez February 22, 1975) is a Goya Award-winning Spanish actor. Description above from the Wikipedia article Fele Martínez, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia. ...detailed bio


Vampyres (2015)


Tension sexual no resuelta (2010)

This film is about a woman who will be marrying a guy she does not love. A famous female author helps her to discover what kind of man she really needs. A messy array of relationships is hence formed.

Carmo, Hit the Road (2008)

Marco is a lonely handicapped Spanish smuggler, driving through Brazil to sell out his cheap goods. When two bandits assault him and steal his load, he is miraculously saved by Carmo, a beautiful local girl who would rather die than spend another day in the hellhole where she lives. Carmo and Ma...

Butterfly (2007)

A journey. A cardboard camera and an unfinished love story. In his obsession to catch the time, love and beauty, Victor never completed his ambitious project. Now, some children, from their open infant eyes, try to get with that footage the director's ambition that could not reach: catch life.

Bad Education (2004)

In Madrid in 1980, Enrique Goded, a young film director, is looking for his next project when he receives the unexpected visit of an actor looking for work. The actor claims to be Enrique's boarding school friend and first love, Ignacio Rodriguez. Ignacio, who is using now the name Ángel Andrade,...

Two Tough Guys (2003)

No overview found.

Utopia (2003)

Adrian (Leonardo Sbaraglia) is a young man who has spent years running away from himself, constantly changing city and work, looking for people to relate to the least possible and all for one reason: he has the ability to see things that have not yet occurred, is a precog. He learned it when he a...

Talk to Her (2002)

The story unfolds in flashbacks, giving details of two separate relationships that become intertwined with each other. During a dance recital Benigno Martín ("benign" or "harmless" in Spanish) and Marco Zuluaga cross paths but the two men are no more than strangers, but Benigno notices that Marco...

Darkness (2002)

Forty years after an unfinished occult ritual resulted in the disappearance of six children, an American family has moved into a never-before inhabited house in Spain. The mother, Maria (Olin), wants to get the place in order, while the father, Mark (Glen), goes to work, and their children, teena...

Black Serenade (2001)

Students of the university of Salamanca are brutally murdered by a black masked minstrel. Alex, an architecture student who has recently moved to Salamanca discovers a pattern behind the killings; it seems as if the killer strikes regularly after the exams to free the campus from lousy students.

Tinta Roja (2000)

Película que trata sobre las vicisitudes de un muchacho practicante para periodista al llegar a la redacción de un periódico sensacionalista. El chico se ha criado sólo con su madre, ya que el papá se desapareció de la casa. Su jefe es un mujeriego, el fotógrafo sólo habla cuando toma fotos y al ...

The Art of Dying (2000)

In Spain a young artist has gone missing, and a hardened detective takes on the case. Six friends become the focus of the investigation, being pressured for their knowledge of the artist's whereabouts. They all deny involvement, and soon they have reason to fear for their lives as it appears a se...

Capitães de Abril (2000)

The film opens on the evening of 24 April 1974, as a young conscript soldier (Daniel) kisses farewell to his girlfriend (Rosa) before boarding a train from Lisbon back to his Army base at Santarem. Both are fearful that he will be sent to fight in the colonial war in Africa. Late and depressed, R...

Lovers of the Arctic Circle (1998)

The film is circular in plot as well as in a number of other ways (for example, the names of its main characters, Otto and Ana, are both palindromes). The film is centered around an incestuous love relationship between step-siblings. The two meet one day after school, when Ana's father dies, and ...

Black Tears (1998)

Andrés is a young photographer whose life is completely sorted out. He has a steady job and is about to marry his longtime girlfriend, Alicia. That is until a woman named Isabel and her mate rob him on the street. But something about this mysterious woman will change everything. Isabel is a torme...

Insomnio (1998)

Eva, Alba y Juan are the protagonist of the story. Eva gives birth to Marina, Alba has just been left by her boyfriend. And Juan is happily married. Their paths intersect one night and their lifes will change forever.

Abre los Ojos (1997)

From a prison cell in Madrid, César (Eduardo Noriega), a 25-year-old in a prosthetic mask, tells his story to psychiatrist Antonio (Chete Lera). Flashbacks reveal the following events: good-looking César is attractive to women. At his birthday party, he flirts with Sofía (Penélope Cruz), the girl...

Thesis (1996)

Ángela (Torrent) is a film student at the Madrid's University Complutense. Searching for research material for her thesis (hence the film's title) on audio-visual violence, she attains the friendship of Chema (Martínez), a fellow student and introvert with an encyclopedic collection of violent an...

El Seductor (1995)

The life of Cosme, a boy of fifteen, is altered with the arrival of a new neighbor, Merche, a married woman, much older than him. Cosme falls for her and intends to conquer the woman.