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Ford Rainey

Ford Rainey

Birthdate: August 8, 1908

Deathdate: July 25, 2005


The Cellar (1989)

Comanche Indians have trapped the evil of their land in a monster made up of a mixture of other animals. The Comanche have placed a protective spear in the ground to contain the evil. A young boy pulls the spear from the ground while pocketing a rabbit foot talisman. He starts to play with the sp...

Halloween II (1981)

The film picks up immediately where the first film had left off. On October 31, 1978, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is sent to the hospital due to the injuries inflicted by Michael Myers while Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence) attempts to track him down after he had gone missing after being shot s...

Gideon's Trumpet (1980)


The Story of Pretty Boy Floyd (1974)

A humanistic account of "the Robin Hood of the Cookson Hills", in which Charles Arthur Floyd is portrayed as a decent man who has a strong sense of family and duty.

My Sweet Charlie (1970)

Set during the Civil Rights Movement, Charlie Roberts is a militant African American attorney from New York City falsely accused of murder during a demonstration in rural Texas. Escaping from his captors, Charlie breaks into a vacant coastal vacation home, where he encounters white Marlene Cha...

The Gypsy Moths (1969)

A skydiving team called the Gypsy Moths visits a small town in Kansas to put on a show: the leader is Mike Rettig (Lancaster), accompanied by his partners, Joe Browdy (Hackman) and Malcolm Webson (Scott Wilson). The skydivers stay at the home of Malcolm's uncle and aunt, John and Elizabeth Brand...

The Sand Pebbles (1966)

In 1926, Machinist's Mate 1st Class Jake Holman (Steve McQueen) transfers from the Asiatic Fleet flagship to the Yangtze River Patrol gunboat USS San Pablo. (The ship is nicknamed the "Sand Pebble" and its sailors refer to themselves as "Sand Pebbles.") Life aboard a gunboat is very different. It...

Kings of the Sun (1963)

Balam is the son of the ruler of a Mayan tribe who use wooden swords (with obsidian edges). His father is killed in battle against steel-blade armed rivals led by Hunac Ceel. Balam succeeds to the throne, but is convinced by his advisers, including the head priest, to lead his followers away from...

Flaming Star (1960)

Elvis Presley plays Pacer Burton, the son of a Kiowa mother and a Texas rancher father. His family, including a half-brother, Clint, live a typical life on the Texas frontier. Life becomes anything but typical when a nearby tribe of Kiowa begin raiding neighboring homesteads. Pacer soon finds him...

The Last Mile (1959)


The Badlanders (1958)

In 1898, two men are released from the Arizona Territorial Prison. One, mining engineer and geologist Peter Van Hoek (Alan Ladd), the "Dutchman", tells the warden he was framed for the robbery of a gold shipment from the Lisbon Mine. The other, John McBain (Ernest Borgnine), killed Bascomb, the m...

3:10 to Yuma (1957)

In the Arizona Territory of the 1880s, rancher Dan Evans and his young sons witness a stagecoach holdup. When the driver, Bill Moons, overpowers one of the robbers and uses him as a human shield, Ben Wade, the leader of the gang, callously shoots both men. Wade and his men stop at the saloon in n...

Perfect Strangers (1951)

Terry Scott (Ginger Rogers), who is separated from her husband, and unhappily married David Campbell (Dennis Morgan), the father of two children, meet when they are selected to serve on the jury of the Los Angeles trial of Ernest Craig (Ford Rainey). The defendant is charged with murdering his wi...