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Franco Franchi

Franco Franchi

Birthdate: September 18, 1928

Deathdate: December 9, 1992

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Franco Franchi (born Francesco Benenato , 18 September 1928 - 9 December 1992) was an Italian comedian. He was born in Palermo, Sicily and began his career in the 1950s, although his career only really took off in the 1960s. He starred in many comedies, mainly as a duo with Ciccio Ingrassia but also in more dramatic material such as Comencini's 'Adventures of Pinocchio (1972... ...detailed bio


Come inguaiammo il cinema italiano - La vera storia di Franco e Ciccio (2004)


Kaos (1986)

The film depicts four short stories from Pirandello's 15-volume series Novelle per un anno, which play around his birthplace in the 19th century. A raven, which in the introduction is shown to get a bell around his neck from locals, leads one from one story to the next. L’altro figlio ("The Other...

The Adventures of Pinocchio (1975)


I due figli di trinità (1972)


I Due Maghi Del Pallone (1971)


Caprice Italian Style (1968)

The film is composed by five episodes. Totò in the film plays two episodes: The Monster of Sunday, directed by Steno and What are clouds?, directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini. In the first Totò is a man of the world who hate the fashion of the sixties, especially that of young people today who have l...

War Italian Style (1967)

In May 1943, two American soldiers, Joe and Frank, of Italian descent are searching the North African desert for a German general called Von Kassler, when they are captured by Von Kassler aide Inge Schultze who lets them escape with fake war plans, only Joe and Frank steal the real war plans whic...

Stasera mi butto (1967)


Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs (1966)

Price plays the titular mad scientist who is working with the Chinese government to use exploding female robots to disrupt a scheduled NATO war-game by blowing up the various generals involved in the exercise (one of whom looks exactly like Goldfoot, and whom Goldfoot later impersonates). Fabian ...

Two Mafiosi Against Goldfinger (1965)

Two Mafiosi Against Goldfinger or Due mafiosi contro Goldginger is a 1965 Italian Spanish international co-production Eurospy comedy film directed by Giorgio Simonelli. It is a spoof of the 1964 James Bond film, Goldfinger. It was picked up by American International Pictures and dubbed into Engli...

002 Operazione Luna (1965)

When a Soviet space craft is lost in space with two cosmonauts on board, the KGB authorities abduct two petty criminals.

How We Got Into Trouble With The Army (1965)

How We Got The Army In Trouble (Italian: Come inguaiammo l'esercito) is a 1965 Italian comedy film directed by Lucio Fulci. This film was also known as I Due Marmittoni (translation: "The Two Rookies") or How We Got Into Trouble with the Army.

Two Mafiamen in the Far West (1964)

In the late 19th century, Sicilians Franco and Ciccio are serving 20 years of prison for stealing two mules, when they are set free by an American visitor. He informs them that he is a friend of their grandfathers, who were killed in Texas by gang of ruthless bandits who took over their gold mine...

The Maniacs (1964)

Features a series of brief comic shetches based on manias, mainly sexual, featuring several figures of Italian society.

Oh! Those Most Secret Agents (1964)

Franco and Ciccio are two simple-minded Italian guys whom are mistaken by KGB spies by government agents from their government and other foreign governments.

Il giorno più corto (1963)

Il giorno più corto (also known as The Shortest Day) is a 1962 Italian Comedy film. It is a parody of the war movie The Longest Day and stars the popular duo Ciccio Ingrassia and Franco Franchi in the leading roles. Dozens of many other well-known actors accepted to appear in the movie in cameo r...

Il mio amico Benito (1962)


L'onorata società (1961)

L'onorata società is a 1961 Italian comedy film directed by Riccardo Pazzaglia. It was shown as part of a retrospective on Italian comedy at the 67th Venice International Film Festival.

Pugni, pupe e marinai (1961)