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Franz Planer

Franz Planer

Birthdate: March 29, 1894

Deathdate: January 10, 1963


King of Kings (1961)

In 63 BC, Pompey conquers Jerusalem and the city is sacked. The conqueror goes to the Temple to seize the treasure of Solomon and massacres the priests there. He discovers that the treasure is nothing but a collection of scrolls of the Torah. These he holds over a fire until an old priest reaches...

Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)

One early morning, a yellow taxi pulls up at Tiffany & Co. on Fifth Avenue in New York City, and elegantly dressed Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) emerges. Standing outside the shop window looking into the windows, she nibbles on pastry and drinks coffee she brought with her, then strolls home t...

The Children's Hour (1961)

Former college classmates Martha Dobie (Shirley MacLaine) and Karen Wright (Audrey Hepburn) open a private school for girls in New England. Martha's Aunt Lily (Miriam Hopkins), an aging actress, lives with the two of them and teaches elocution. After two years of engagement to Joe Cardin (James G...

The Unforgiven (1960)

The Zacharys are a thriving and respected family on the Texas frontier. Father Will Zachary was killed by Kiowa Indians, leaving his oldest son Ben (Burt Lancaster) as the head of the family. Both Ben and his mother Mattilda (Lillian Gish) are very protective of the Zachary's adopted daughter, Ra...

The Big Country (1958)

Wealthy, newly retired sea captain James McKay (Gregory Peck) travels to the American West to join his fiancée Patricia (Carroll Baker) at the enormous ranch owned by her father, Major Terrill (Charles Bickford). Terrill has been feuding with Rufus Hannassey (Burl Ives), the patriarch of a poorer...

The Pride and the Passion (1957)

During the Peninsular War, Napoleon's armies overrun Spain. An enormous cannon, belonging to a Spanish army, is abandoned when it slows down the army's retreat. French cavalrymen are dispatched to retrieve it. Britain, Spain's ally, sends Royal Navy captain Anthony Trumbull (Grant) to find the ca...

Not as a Stranger (1955)

Lucas Marsh has dreamed of being a doctor since he was a little kid. Against all odds, he has gotten himself to medical school but when his alcoholic father drinks away his tuition money he finds Kristina, the sweet Swedish nurse who has a crush on him, is sitting on a fat bank account.

The Caine Mutiny (1954)

Callow, rich Ensign Willis Seward "Willie" Keith (Robert Francis) reports for duty aboard the Caine, his first assignment. Homeported in Pearl Harbor, he is disappointed to find the Caine to be a small, battle-scarred destroyer-minesweeper. Its gruff captain, Lieutenant Commander William H. DeVri...

A Bullet Is Waiting (1954)

A plane carrying a sheriff and a man indicted for manslaughter is wrecked on a lonely California beach and the prisoner manages to escape, after a struggle, only to be taken in hand by the female manager of a remote sheep ranch.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954)

In the year 1868, rumors of a sea monster attacking ships in the Pacific Ocean have created apprehension and fear among sailors, disrupting shipping lanes. The United States government invites Professor Pierre M. Aronnax and his assistant, Conseil, onto an expedition to prove or disprove the mons...

The Long Wait (1954)

Johnny McBride is badly hurt while hitch hiking and loses his memory when the car he is riding in crashes. Two years later, a clue leads him to his old home town, where he finds he is a murder suspect. McBride tries to clear his name of the presumed murder charges. Thugs working for the local mob...

99 River Street (1953)

Ernie Driscoll is a former boxer who had to give up prize fighting after sustaining an injury in the ring and is now a New York taxi driver. His wife, Pauline, unhappy living a poor life, is having an affair with a richer man who happens to be a criminal. The thief, after being unable to sell som...

The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T (1953)

Young Bart Collins (Tommy Rettig) lives with his widowed mother Heloise (Mary Healy). The major blight on Bart's existence is the hated piano lessons he is forced to endure under the tutelage of the autocratic Dr. Terwilliker (Hans Conried). Bart feels that his mother has fallen under Terwilliker...

Bad for Each Other (1953)

Army medical officer Tom Owen returns home to Coalville, Pennsylvania. He learns his brother Floyd, a mine safety engineer killed in an explosion, might have been negligent in his duty and is heavily in debt to a man named Dan Reasonover. Twice divorced Helen Curtis, who is Dan's daughter, asks ...

The Scarf (1951)

John Ireland stars in this thriller as a man who breaks out of an asylum for the criminally insane, where he has been committed for strangling a girl with a scarf.

Decision Before Dawn (1951)

By late 1944, it is obvious that the Germans will lose the war. American Colonel Devlin (Gary Merrill) leads a military intelligence unit that recruits German prisoners of war to spy on their former comrades. "Tiger" (Hans Christian Blech), a cynical older thief and ex-circus worker, is willing t...

711 Ocean Drive (1950)

The Horatio Alger parable gets the film noir treatment with the redoubtable Edmund O’Brien as a whip-smart telephone technician who moves up the ladder of a Syndicate gambling empire in Southern California until distracted by an inconveniently married Joanne Dru and his own greed. Ripped from the...

Take One False Step (1949)

Prof. Andrew Gentling, in Los Angeles to help found a new college, is inveigled by old flame Catherine Sykes into a midnight drive. Next day Catherine is missing, believed killed; friend Martha convinces Andrew that he's a prime suspect and should investigate before he's arrested. But this only p...

Letter from an Unknown Woman (1948)

In Vienna in the early twentieth century, Lisa (Joan Fontaine), a teenager living in an apartment complex, becomes fascinated by a new tenant, concert pianist Stefan Brand (Louis Jourdan). Stefan is making a name for himself through energetic performances. Lisa becomes obsessed with Stefan, stayi...

The Chase (1946)

This dream-like film noir is about Chuck Scott (Robert Cummings), a World War II vet now a penniless drifter tormented by bizarre dreams, who takes a job as driver to Eddie Roman (Steve Cochran), a vicious gangster. Roman tests his new driver, Scott, by assuming control of his car from the back s...