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Franz Waxman

Franz Waxman

Birthdate: December 24, 1906

Deathdate: February 24, 1967


The Longest Hundred Miles (1967)

During the Japanese invasion of the Philippines, an assorted group of refugees, including an American soldier, an Army nurse, a priest and a group of local children, try to make their getaway aboard a rattletrap, creaky bus.

Taras Bulba (1962)

The film opens with a battle raging between the Turks and the Poles. The Poles are losing until the Cossacks arrive to save the day. However, it turns out that the Poles were merely holding back so that they could treacherously attack the Cossacks after they won the battle for them. As a result, ...

Cimarron (1960)

Sabra Cravat's (Maria Schell) wealthy Kansas City parents try to dissuade her from participating in a land run in the Oklahoma territory with her new husband Yancey (Glenn Ford), but she is adamant. During the journey, Sabra's knowledge of her husband's character deepens, and when he lends one of...

The Spirit of St. Louis (1957)

On May 19, 1927, pilot Charles A. "Slim" Lindbergh (James Stewart) tries to rest in a hotel near Roosevelt Field on Long Island, New York. He has been waiting for a week for the rain to stop so he can attempt the first successful nonstop solo transatlantic flight from New York to Paris. While Lin...

Peyton Place (1957)

The film is an exposé of the lives and loves of the residents of a small New England mill town, where scandal, homicide, suicide, incest, and moral hypocrisy hide behind a tranquil façade in the years immediately preceding and following World War II. At the core of its plot are three women. Const...

Crime in the Streets (1956)

After a rumble between New York City street gangs, the Hornets and Dukes, a youth is taken captive and threatened with a zip gun by Lenny Daniels, one of the Hornets. The act is witnessed by a neighbor, McAllister, who tells the cops. Lenny is arrested and sentenced to a year in jail. Hornets lea...

Mister Roberts (1955)

The film takes place in the waning days of World War II on the United States Navy cargo ship Reluctant, in the back areas of the Pacific Ocean. The unpopular captain, Lieutenant Commander Morton (James Cagney), is proud of his spotless record. His executive officer/cargo chief, Lieutenant, junior...

Rear Window (1954)

After breaking his leg photographing a racetrack accident, professional photographer L.B. "Jeff" Jefferies (James Stewart) is confined in his Greenwich Village apartment, using a wheelchair while he recuperates. His rear window looks out onto a small courtyard and several other apartments. Duri...

Prince Valiant (1954)

The story begins with the recounting of the forced exile which has befallen the Christian royal family of the Viking kingdom of Scandia - King Aguar (Donald Crisp), his wife, and his son Prince Valiant (Robert Wagner) - by the Viking rebels led by the usurper Sligon (Primo Carnera), a worshipper ...

I, the Jury (1953)

Shortly before Christmas in New York, one-armed insurance investigator Jack Williams (Robert Swanger) is looking at a college yearbook photo of John Hansen when someone slips into his apartment and shoots him to death. Hot-headed private investigator Mike Hammer (Biff Elliot), Jack's war buddy, v...

Phone Call from a Stranger (1952)

After his wife Jane (Helen Westcott) admits to an extramarital affair, Iowa attorney David Trask abandons her and their daughters and heads for Los Angeles. His flight is delayed, and while waiting in the airport restaurant he meets a few of his fellow passengers: troubled, alcoholic Dr. Robert F...

Decision Before Dawn (1951)

By late 1944, it is obvious that the Germans will lose the war. American Colonel Devlin (Gary Merrill) leads a military intelligence unit that recruits German prisoners of war to spy on their former comrades. "Tiger" (Hans Christian Blech), a cynical older thief and ex-circus worker, is willing t...

He Ran All the Way (1951)

Petty thief Nick Robey (John Garfield) botches a robbery, leaving his partner Al (Norman Lloyd) severely wounded as Nick escapes with over $10,000. Meeting bakery worker Peg Dobbs (Shelley Winters) in friendly conversation, when Peg takes Nick to her family's apartment, he decides to take the fam...

Night and the City (1950)

The story tells the story of Harry Fabian (Richard Widmark), a two-bit hustler who dreams of the good life provided by money. He's tried a lot of go-nowhere schemes but he has what he believes is a chance of a lifetime. He plans to take control of the professional wrestling game from promoter and...

Sunset Boulevard (1950)

The film opens with the camera tracking down Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, California as police cars begin racing down it. The lifeless body of a young man, Joe Gillis (Holden) floats in the swimming pool of a palatial mansion. As the police begin converging on the house Joe's voice narrates, ...

Dark City (1950)

A group of hustlers take a man for $5000 in a poker game. When the man ends up killing himself, the heat is put on the gamblers in the game. The dead man's vengeful brother begins picking off the gamblers one by one.

The Furies (1950)

T. C. Jeffords (Walter Huston) is a wealthy cattle baron who feels the Herrera family is squatting illegally on his property, The Furies. T. C.'s beloved daughter, Vance (Barbara Stanwyck), who is as obsessed with wealth and every bit as ruthless as her father, has a close bond with Juan Herrera ...

Alias Nick Beal (1949)

District attorney Joseph Foster is determined to catch a gangster. He receives an offer from Nick Beal for his soul.

Rope of Sand (1949)

Hunting guide Mike Davis comes across a cache of diamonds in a remote region of South Africa, but refuses to reveal its location even under torture at the hand of the diamond company's security chief, Vogel. The company's owner, Martingale, tries a different tactic by hiring a beautiful woman, Su...

Whiplash (1948)

A struggling painter, Mike Gordon, is unhappy that cafe owner Sam has let a customer, Laurie Durant, purchase one of his works. Mike considers his art worthless and goes to Laurie offering to buy it back. She insists on keeping it, so Mike invites her to dinner instead. Mike falls for Laurie afte...