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Gene Evans

Gene Evans

Birthdate: July 11, 1922

Deathdate: April 1, 1998

?From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.   Gene Evans (July 11, 1922 - April 1, 1998) was an American actor. He was born in Holbrook, Arizona, but reared in Colton, California. His acting career began while he was serving in World War II. He performed with a theatrical troupe of GIs in Europe. Evans made his film debut in 1947 and appeared in dozens of movies and television programs. He specialized in playing toug... ...detailed bio


Once Upon a Texas Train (1988)

Once Upon a Texas Train (AKA Texas Guns) is 1988 made-for-TV movie directed by Burt Kennedy and starring Willie Nelson as John Henry Lee and Richard Widmark as Captain Oren Hayes. The movie opens with a train robbery in Texas. However, a group of Texas Rangers is waiting for the robbers and stop ...

The Shadow Riders (1982)

Two brothers, Mac (Tom Selleck) and Dal (Sam Elliott) Traven, who fought on opposite sides in the Civil War, make their way back to Texas when the war ends. They learn that a band of confederate rebels has kidnapped their two sisters and a brother, as well as Dal's sweetheart (Katharine Ross). Th...

The Rhinemann Exchange (1977)

During World War II, an intelligence officer is dispatched by the U.S. government to arrange an exchange in Argentina of industrial diamonds needed by the Germans for a secret gyroscope needed by the Allies.

Peopletoys (1974)

Five children crawl from the wreckage of a deadly van accident in a snowy canyon. The juvenile survivors seek shelter at a secluded mountaintop winter home occupied by a rich businessman (Gene Evans) and his friends (Sorrell Booke and Shelly Morrison). Soon, strange mishaps occur and the group is...

Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid (1973)

In 1881 in Old Fort Sumner, New Mexico, William H. Bonney, known as Billy the Kid (Kris Kristofferson), is passing the time with friends shooting chickens for fun. An old friend of Billy's, Pat Garrett (James Coburn), rides into town with Deputy Sheriff J.W. Bell (Matt Clark) and joins the divers...

Walking Tall (1973)

Pusser, at his wife Pauline's behest, retires from the professional wrestling ring and moves back to Tennessee to start a logging business with his father, Carl Pusser. With a friend, he visits a gambling and prostitution establishment, the Lucky Spot, and is beaten up after catching them cheatin...

The Ballad of Cable Hogue (1970)

Cable Hogue (Jason Robards) is isolated in the desert, awaiting his partners, Taggart (L. Q. Jones) and Bowen (Strother Martin), who are scouting for water. The two plot to seize what little water remains to save themselves. Hogue, who hesitates to defend himself, is disarmed and abandoned to alm...

Support Your Local Sheriff! (1969)

The Old West frontier town of Calendar, Colorado springs up almost overnight when the rather klutzy and hotheaded Prudy Perkins (Joan Hackett) discovers gold in a grave during a funeral. Her father Olly (Harry Morgan) becomes mayor of the new settlement. He and the other members of the town counc...

The War Wagon (1967)

Rancher Taw Jackson (John Wayne) returns to his hometown to settle a score. Three years earlier, he was framed by corrupt businessman Frank Pierce (Bruce Cabot) and wrongfully imprisoned. Pierce did this to confiscate Jackson's land, where he had discovered gold. After his prison sentence was cut...

Waco (1966)

A town in Wyoming is up in arms. Somebody has shot the sheriff, Billy Kelly, and things are so bad that preacher Sam Stone and businessman George Gates implore the mayor, Ned West, to bring in outside help. They arrange for a gunfighter called "Waco" to be pardoned by the governor and sprung fro...

Shock Corridor (1963)

Peter Breck plays journalist Johnny Barrett, who thinks the quickest way to a Pulitzer Prize is to uncover the facts behind a murder at a mental hospital. So, he undertakes a course of instruction through an expert psychiatrist to appear insane by relating accounts of incest with his imaginary si...

Operation Petticoat (1959)

United States Navy Rear Admiral Matt Sherman (Cary Grant), ComSubPac in 1959, boards the pre- World War II-era American submarine USS Sea Tiger prior to its departure for the scrapyard. The first commanding officer of Sea Tiger, Sherman sits in his former stateroom and begins reading his personal...

Behemoth, the Sea Monster (1959)

One day in 1959 a coastal city in England has been experiencing high levels of nuclear radiation after an atomic test. Professor Bickford gives a brief explanation of this but can't get into the deepest details of the mystery. Tom Trevethan, an old fisherman who has also suffered radiation burns...

Damn Citizen (1958)

Louisiana's governor asks war hero Francis C. Grevemberg (Keith Andes) to lead the state police against corruption.

Money, Women and Guns (1958)

Celebrated detective traces and finds beneficiaries to the will of a gold prospector murdered by bushwhackers.

Revolt in the Big House (1958)

A crime boss tries to cause a riot and prison break while behind bars.

The Helen Morgan Story (1957)

Helen Morgan begins her career as a Chicago carnival dancer. She catches the eye of fast-talking, double-dealing Larry Maddux, whose promotion catapults her to fame as a Broadway performer in Show Boat and a headliner in her own nightclub. Morgan anguishes over her romantic relationship with Madd...

The Sad Sack (1957)

Private Meredith Bixby (Lewis) simply cannot fall in line with army procedure, even though he has had 17 months of training. A psychologist (Phyllis Kirk), is assigned to turn him into a good soldier, so she enlists two fellow servicemen to help Bixby with his training. About the only thing that ...

Crashout (1955)

Convict Van Duff is the leader of a large-scale prison break. The breakout works as the six survivors hide out in a forgotten mine working near the prison. Once the coast is clear they then set out on a long, dangerous journey. The convicts take by foot, car, train and truck in an attempt to get ...

Hell and High Water (1954)

In 1953, renowned French scientist Professor Montel (Victor Francen) goes missing. The authorities believe that he and four other scientists defected behind the Iron Curtain. Meanwhile, former U.S. Navy USS Bowfin (SS-287) submarine commander Adam Jones (Richard Widmark) arrives in Tokyo after re...