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George Kennedy

George Kennedy

Birthdate: February 18, 1925

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia George Harris Kennedy, Jr. (born February 18, 1925) is an American actor who has appeared in over 200 film and television productions. He is perhaps most familiar as the convict Dragline in Cool Hand Luke (for which he won an Academy Award), airline troubleshooter Joe Patroni in the Airport series of disaster movies from the 1970s (The only actor to star in all four movies) a... ...detailed bio


Another Happy Day (2011)

Lynn (Ellen Barkin) was married to Paul (Thomas Haden Church), but they split up on bad terms, and Lynn took custody of their daughter Alice (Kate Bosworth) while Paul got their son Dylan (Michael Nardelli). Years later, now that Dylan is getting married, Lynn is attending the wedding at her pare...

The Man Who Came Back (2008)

The Man Who Came Back is based on the Thibodaux massacre, the second bloodiest labor strike in U.S. history. Following the American Civil War, recently freed slaves on a Louisiana plantation are worked relentlessly but paid minimum wages. Sometimes paid only in scrip, worthless money accepted on...

Sands of Oblivion (2007)

The film tells the story of a prop from the 1923 movie The Ten Commandments that was actually an authentic artifact from antiquity with cursed powers. In the modern day these resurface leading to murder and mayhem.

Don't Come Knocking (2005)

Shepard stars as Howard Spence, an aging, hard-living Western movie star, who, disgusted with his life, flees by horse from the set of his latest western filming in the desert outside Moab, Utah. He hits the road looking for refuge in his past, traveling to his hometown of Elko, Nevada and, event...

Dennis the Menace Strikes Again (1998)

Dennis Mitchell (Justin Cooper) is finally back, and worse than ever. At the beginning of the movie, he goes over to Mr. Wilson's (Don Rickles) house to offer him one of several gifts for his birthday. These include lizards, snakes, bugs, and other creatures. This ordeal ends with Mr. Wilson unin...

Small Soldiers (1998)

After multinational conglomerate GloboTech Industries acquires the Heartland toy company, CEO Gil Mars at a meeting with two remaining toy designers Larry Benson and Irwin Wayfair tells them to develop actual live-action toys capable of "playing back". Mars selects the action figures the Commando...

Cats Don't Dance (1997)

Set in 1938, Danny, an optimistic cat, dreams of becoming a film star, so he travels from Kokomo, Indiana to Hollywood, California in hopes of starting a career there ("Danny's Arrival Song"). Danny is selected to feature in a film that is currently in production alongside a female cat named Sawy...

Hangfire (1991)

When a large group of escaped convicts take Ike Slayton, a Vietnam veteran's wife hostage, Slayton enlists the help of his old army friend in a furious search to find her, while a hard-nosed National Guardsman leads a platoon of solders determined to kill or capture all the convicts, even if it m...

Intensive Care (1991)

Intensive Care is a 1991 Dutch action horror film directed by Dorna van Rouveroy.

Hired to Kill (1990)

A fashion photographer and seven models travel to a South American island fortress, ostensibly to do a fashion shoot. In reality, the photographer is a mercenary and their job is to free an imprisoned rebel leader

Brain Dead (1990)

Dr. Rex Martin is a top neurosurgeon, who is active in studying brain malfunctions that cause mental illnesses. High school friend Jim Reston, a successful businessman at Eunice, requires Martin's aid in reaching the mind of John Halsey, a former genius mathematician who once worked for the compa...

The Terror Within (1989)

In a post-apocalyptic future, human survivors are fighting a group of mutant monsters they refer to as "Gargoyles". Two of these survivors Michael and John are out surveying the world after a chemical or biological attack which left a large portion of the population mutated or dead. The survivors...

Uninvited (1988)

A scientific corporation of ill repute (Genetic Laboratories) loses control of its test subject—a poisonous, mutant cat (the Uninvited) that inhabits the body of an ostensibly benign house cat. At the behest of two attractive co-eds, the Uninvited is ironically offered lodging aboard the luxury y...

Nightmare at Noon (1988)

Scientists poison the water supply of a small town, turning the residents into homicidal maniacs who kill each other and anybody who passes through.

Demonwarp (1988)

The film begins with Kennedy's character talking to his daughter inside their cabin. Suddenly a Bigfoot-like animal breaks in and takes away the girl. Some teenage campers arrive and they too eventually meet the Bigfoot, with many of them being killed or captured. It is later discovered that one ...

The Gunfighters (1987)

The Gunfighters is a 1987 television Western film, starring Art Hindle and George Kennedy, directed by Clay Borris.

Creepshow 2 (1987)

=== Prologue === A delivery truck pulls up to a newsstand in a small town where a young boy named Billy (named after and confused with the boy from Creepshow) arrives eagerly waiting for it. The truck's back shutter opens to reveal a sinister figure who drops off a package onto the sidewalk: the...

Radioactive Dreams (1986)

A nuclear war breaks out in 1996, expending the world's entire nuclear arsenal, except for one missile. Two children, Philip Chandler (John Stockwell) and Marlowe Hammer (Michael Dudikoff), are abandoned by their fathers in a fallout shelter cut into the side of a wooded mountain. The pair grow u...

The Delta Force (1986)

The film opens up on Operation Eagle Claw, the American operation to rescue American hostages being held at the U.S. embassy to Tehran. The operation is being aborted after a fatal helicopter crash, with the U.S. Delta Force evacuating to their C-130 transports. Among them is Captain Scott McCoy ...

Savage Dawn (1985)

Stryker (played by Lance Henriksen), a former soldier, is riding on his motorcycle in the desert, he is on his way to see his friend Tick Rand (played by George Kennedy) in the small town of Aqua Dulce, Texas. Stryker stops at a gas station to get some gas. There are 2 bikers, Spyder (played by J...