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George Marshall

George Marshall

Birthdate: December 29, 1891

Deathdate: February 17, 1975

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. George E. Marshall (December 29, 1891 – February 17, 1975) was a prolific American actor, screenwriter, producer, film and television director, active through the first six decades of movie history. Relatively few of Marshall's films are well-known today, with Destry Rides Again, The Sheepman, and How the West Was Won being the biggest exceptions. Marshall co-directed How t... ...detailed bio


Hazard (2005)

A compulsive gambler, Ellen Crane owes a large debt to Lonnie Burns, a club owner. He cuts a deck of cards with her -- if she wins, Burns will forget the IOU, but if she loses, Ellen must marry him. She loses. Ellen leaves town. A furious Burns hires private eye JD Storm, who tracks her to Chicag...

Hook, Line & Sinker (1969)

Peter Ingersoll is about to undergo an operation at a hospital in Chile. Before beginning, the medical staff insists that he explain how his unusual condition came about. He recalls his past life in California as an insurance salesman. His best friend, Dr. Scott Carter, breaks the news that Peter...

Eight on the Lam (1967)

Bank teller Henry Dimsdale finds ten $1,000 bills. He is a widower with seven kids and could use the money, and housekeeper Golda tells him it's a case of finder's keepers. Henry waits two weeks to see if anyone claims the missing money. No one does, so he splurges on a new car and a diamond ring...

Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number! (1966)

A gorgeous actress named Didi (Elke Sommer) has become more famous for commercials involving bubble baths than for acting. Fed up with the situation, she winds up running away for a while to Oregon, where she encounters a middle-aged married man (Bob Hope) who quickly becomes extremely anxious to...

Advance to the Rear (1964)

Union Colonel Claude Brackenbury has a cozy arrangement with his Confederate counterpart. They fire a few artillery rounds in each other's general direction at precisely the same time each morning, then go back to contentedly waiting for the war to end. Captain Jared Heath, however, disturbs the ...

Dark Purpose (1964)

American secretary Karen Williams travels to Italy with her employer, art appraiser Raymond Fountaine, to assess the valuable collection of Count Paolo Barbarelli at his villa overlooking the sea. The count lives there with Cora, a young woman suffering from memory loss, whom he claims to have ta...

Papa's Delicate Condition (1963)

Papa's Delicate Condition is a 1963 comedy film starring Jackie Gleason and Glynis Johns. It was an adaptation of the Corinne Griffith memoir of the same name, about her father and growing up in Texarkana, Texas.Jimmy Van Heusen (music) and Sammy Cahn (lyrics) won an Academy Award for Best Song f...

How the West Was Won (1962)

=== The Rivers (1840) ===

The Happy Thieves (1962)

A painting belonging to Duchess Blanca is stolen from a castle in Spain by the clever Jim Bourne and his partner in crime, Eve Lewis. It is stolen from the thieves, however, by Dr. Munoz, the cousin of the duchess. Eve wants to go straight, but Munoz blackmails her and Jim, demanding they steal ...

The Mating Game (1959)

Irritated neighbor Wendell Burnshaw (Philip Ober) brings the Larkin family to the attention of the Internal Revenue Service. Lorenzo Charlton (Tony Randall) is assigned to the case by his boss, Kelsey (Fred Clark). Ma (Una Merkel) and Pop Larkin (Paul Douglas) warmly welcome him to their family f...

The Gazebo (1959)

Television writer and director Elliott Nash (Glenn Ford) is being blackmailed by Dan Shelby over nude photographs of his wife Nell (Debbie Reynolds), taken when she was eighteen years old. Elliott does not inform Nell, the star of a Broadway musical, what is going on, but works feverishly to make...

The Sheepman (1958)

Gambler Jason Sweet (Glenn Ford) wins a herd of sheep in a poker game and proceeds to take them by train into the middle of cattle country. It is not long before the townsfolk take notice (and object), but Sweet is more than up to the challenge. The first thing he does is pick a fight with the ro...

The Sad Sack (1957)

Private Meredith Bixby (Lewis) simply cannot fall in line with army procedure, even though he has had 17 months of training. A psychologist (Phyllis Kirk), is assigned to turn him into a good soldier, so she enlists two fellow servicemen to help Bixby with his training. About the only thing that ...

The Guns of Fort Petticoat (1957)

In 1864 during the American Civil War, Texan Lt. Frank Hewitt (Murphy) is serving with the U.S. Cavalry under Colonel John Chivington. On patrol, Hewitt meets a group of Indians who are unarmed and returning to the Sand Creek reservation which they were not supposed to leave. While briefing Col. ...

Beyond Mombasa (1957)

Matt Campbell arrives in Kenya, where his brother George is reported missing. A man named Ralph Hoyt tells him that George has been killed by members of the "Leopard Men" cult. Matt is introduced to Hoyt's niece, Ann Wilson, an anthropologist, who is puzzled by Matt's reluctance to go to Mombasa...

PIllars of the Sky (1956)

Oregon territory, 1868: Indian natives of many tribes trust Sgt. Emmett Bell, who rides into Dr. Joseph Holden's mission with his scouts. But troop and weapon movement by new U.S. Cavalry commanding officer Col. Steadlow has endangered the peace and angered the chiefs, in particular one called Ka...

Destry (1954)

The sheriff of a small town is shot and the crooked mayor, The Honorable Hiram J. Sellers (Edgar Buchanan), and leading crook, Phil Decker (Lyle Bettger), appoint a drunk, Reginald T. "Rags" Barnaby (Thomas Mitchell), to take the position hoping that he will be easily controlled by them. Rags ann...

Money From Home (1953)

New York City in the 1920s is where gambler "Honey Talk" Nelson (Dean Martin) crosses paths with bookie "Jumbo" Schneider (Sheldon Leonard). Nelson has two choices, cement shoes or "fixing" a horse race in Maryland. Naturally, Nelson heads to Maryland with his cousin Virgil Yokum (Jerry Lewis) ta...

Off Limits (1953)

Off Limits is a 1952 comedy film starring Bob Hope as a manager who enlists in the army to keep an eye on his boxer, who has been drafted. It was released in the UK as Military Policemen, as the characters played by Hope and his friend Mickey Rooney join the military police.

Houdini (1953)

In the 1890s, young Harry Houdini is performing with a Coney Island carnival as Bruto, the Wild Man, when Bess, a naive onlooker, tries to protect him from the blows of Schultz, his "trainer." Harry then appears as magician The Great Houdini and, spotting Bess in the audience, invites her on stag...