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George Montgomery

George Montgomery

Birthdate: August 29, 1916

Deathdate: December 12, 2000


The Daredevil (1972)

In this action movie, a top stock-car driver causes a death on the race track and finds his career in shambles. Desperate for money, he gets a job as a driver for a drug ring.

Satan's Harvest (1970)

Satan's Harvest is a 1970 South African film directed by George Montgomery who also starred in the film with Tippi Hedren. After inheriting a farm in South Africa, Cutter Murdock, an American private detective travels to South Africa to claim his inheritance and almost immediately finds himself i...

Battle of the Bulge (1965)

Lt. Colonel Kiley (Fonda) and his pilot, Joe, are flying a reconnaissance mission over the Ardennes forest. Kiley spots something interesting and takes a picture. As the plane flies away, a group of camouflaged German tanks are revealed. On the ground, Hessler describes the hopelessness of the wa...

The Steel Claw (1961)

Capt. John Larsen, a marine stationed in the Philippines, loses a hand in an accident and is discharged from the Corps. An American general is held captive by Filipino guerrillas behind Japanese lines and Larsen is re-enlisted to rescue him. He fastens a steel prosthetic hook, the “steel claw” of...

Badman's Country (1958)

Pat Garrett arrives in Abilene where he catches five of Butch Cassidy's gang. He calls in Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson and they learn there is a half million dollar shipment of money arriving by train and Cassidy is amassing enough men to take it.

The Pathfinder (1952)


The Sword of Monte Cristo (1951)

In 1858 France, Emperor Louis Napoleon sends Captain Renault of the Royal Dragoons, Minister La Roche and Major Nicolet to Normandy in search of the members of a group of rebels. A Masked Cavalier, the niece, Lady Christianne, of the Marquis De Montableau, announces at a secret meeting of the Nor...

The Iroquois Trail (1950)


Davy Crockett, Indian Scout (1950)

It's 1848 and a wagon train with an Army escort is heading west through Indian territory, It's scout is Davy Crockett, nephew of his more famous namesake. There is spy amongst them informing the Indians. They survive the first Indian attack and then push on. They have a choice of two passes throu...

Blondie's Big Deal (1949)

No overview found.

The Girl from Manhattan (1948)

A New York model (Dorothy Lamour) foils a developer who covets her minister uncle's (George Montgomery) church site.

The Brasher Doubloon (1947)

Private detective Philip Marlowe is hired by a wealthy widow, Elizabeth Murdock, to find a stolen coin called the Brasher Doubloon. Marlowe ends up in the middle of a much more complicated case, one that involves blackmail and murder, forcing him to deal with a number of strange individuals. That...

Coney Island (1943)

Coney Island is a 1943 American Technicolor musical film released by Twentieth Century Fox and starring Betty Grable in one of her biggest hits. A "gay nineties" musical (set in that time period) it also featured George Montgomery, Cesar Romero, and Phil Silvers, was choreographed by Hermes Pan, ...

Roxie Hart (1942)

In 1927, Roxie Hart (Ginger Rogers), a showgirl whose no-good husband Amos (George Chandler) kills a theatrical booking agent Fred Casely and insists that Roxie take the blame, since juries seldom send a woman to the gallows. She agrees, figuring that the publicity will be beneficial to her caree...

Orchestra Wives (1942)

Connie Ward (Ann Rutherford) is a young woman who on the spur of the moment marries Bill Abbott (George Montgomery), a trumpet player in Gene Morrison's (Glenn Miller) swing band (Miller's character was given a name with initials that matched Miller's so that the band could use their monogrammed ...

China Girl (1942)

Cameraman Johnny and mercenary Major Bull Weed escape from a Japanese jail with help from the latter’s girlfriend Fifi. They steal a plane and land at a Flying Tiger base in Mandalay. Instead of joining the Tigers, Johnny makes a deal with Bull and Fifi to obtain a camera for him, offering them h...

Last of the Duanes (1941)


The Riders of the Purple Sage (1941)


Young People (1940)

Believing that it's good for their daughter Wendy (Shirley Temple), Joe Ballantine (Jack Oakie) and his wife Kit (Charlotte Greenwood) decide to retire their vaudeville act and move the family to a small New England town. But despite Wendy's many attempts to charm the locals, the "show folk" are ...